The Most Popular Sports Betting Apps For Android In The US

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Online sports betting has come a long way from the days of old and clunky-looking web pages and sportsbooks that looked as complex as financial excel sheets. Today, sports betting operators are developing simple apps to use and offer the thrill and excitement of live betting.

But one thing that online sports betting companies tend to forget is the burgeoning Android phone market in the US. For example, did you know that there are 131mn Android phone users in the US? It’s not surprising since users perceive Google to be more trustworthy than Apple in terms of privacy and security.

But even today, when you look at the top guides that write about the best sports betting apps in the US, you will find that some of them are not compatible with Android. That’s why we have put together this list of the most popular sports betting apps that are available specifically on Android phones in the US.


#1. BetOnline (Sports US for BetOnline AG)

Based out of Panama, BetOnline has been in the sports betting circle since the early 90s. It caters to almost every form of sports betting and sports leagues, including NHL, NBA, NCAA basketball, MLB, golf, football, soccer, boxing, and everything else of which you can think. They also operate an online casino if you are interested in poker or blackjack.

They have one of the best sportsbooks around – better than most other operators, even in their app, which is available for both Android and iOS. The app looks slightly dated, but they are giving it a whirl and hopefully should come up with a revamp that’s more pleasing to the eye in some time.

One of their specialties is that they let you do much more than just simple parlays and gambles. You can set up things like if bets, teasers, and even prop bets on your favorite sporting events.


They offer a generous welcome bonus of $1000, and if you love using Crypto, they offer a nice 10% boost on your Crypto deposits as well. And since you are betting on the app, you get a nice $50 of free play on your first bet as well.

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#2. XBet

Licensed out of Curacao, XBet has an amazingly secure online app that is available for both Android as well as iOS.


XBet also has a huge variety of gaming options from which to choose. Odds are offered in major basketball, tennis, American football, soccer, volleyball, horse racing, and tennis events. From punting on NBA and NCAA games to FIFA and European soccer league matches, XBet has one of the widest varieties of sports betting to offer.

XBet is one of the safest online sports betting platforms, with a proprietary 258-bit encryption algorithm for all transactions. It also has a wide range of payment options, including Crypto and Peer Peer (minimum $100 deposit)

For newcomers, XBet offers a $500 bonus and a nice reload bonus of $250 on its sportsbook.


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#3 MyBookie

MyBookie is relatively new in online gaming. Their gaming site came up in 2014 but is one of the most respected sites as far as customer reviews go.

While there is no actual app per se, MyBookie’s website optimizes for your Android browser and works perfectly without you having to waste space on an actual app.


If you like live betting, you will love the odds that MyBookie gives for a huge array of live sporting events across the globe.

MyBookie is also popular for its generous bonuses. You can get upto a $1,000 match of your initial deposit, which instantly doubles the amount you have put in. However, this option comes with a 10x rollover, so MyBookie also has an option for a 1x rollover (though your bonus drops down to just 10% of the deposit amount)

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Think of it this way; if your initial deposit is $1,000 then
Option A: 100% bonus

  • Bonus: $1,000
  • Rollover 10x
  • How much you have to wager before withdrawal: $1,000 x 1 = $1,000
  • With 10x Rollover:
  • $1,000 + $1,000 = $2,000
  • $2,000 x 10 = $20,000

Option B: 10% bonus

  • Bonus: $1,00
  • Rollover 10x
  • How much you have to wager before withdrawal: $1,000 x 1 = $1,000
  • With 10x Rollover:
  • $1,000 + $1,00 = $1,100
  • $1,100 x 1 = $1,100

You can also get a reload value of upto $500 (25% of deposit amount).


#4. Fanduel

Fanduel is an official partner with the NBA, NFL, and even the MLB. If you want absolute safety and are very careful about depositing your money on any betting site, this is the place where you can be 100% sure that your money is safe.

Another reassuring thing is that Fanduel is born and bred in the US – it’s the brainchild of 5 Texas-based entrepreneurs who set out to create a new way to play fan vs. fan gaming in 2009.

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This is why even today, FanDuel’s app is chock full of prop betting options in each sport.
In all, FanDuel supports 23 sports for betting. Their Android app is super professional and well designed with amazing graphics.

While they don’t offer any welcome bonuses, they do have a $1,000 risk-free betting option to start you off. And if you are currently in New Jersey, this goes upto $2,000 for you.