TCL NXTWEAR AIR AR Smart Glasses Bring The Theater To You For CES 2022

NXTWEAR AIR ces 2022 presser

CES 2022 may be all but a bust, with many companies outright pulling out of the event. But TCL is bringing its A-game for CES 2022 season anyway, including the launch of a new addition to its NXTWEAR lineup with the TCL NXTWEAR AIR.

Now, as hinted above, this isn’t the first pair of AR glasses released by TCL. In fact, the company came to MWC 2021 with this pair’s predecessor, the TCL NXTWEAR G. For clarity, TCL’s NXTWEAR devices are essentially wearable portable displays that extend from a smartphone to a laptop or tablet. Pulling resources from the connected device for streaming media, productivity as a second-screen, and gaming. With the latter being enabled by connecting a controller to the source device.

What’s new with TCL NXTWEAR AIR at CES 2022?

Of course, for the latest TCL NXTWEAR, the addition of USB-C connectivity is one of the headlining new features. The new connectivity option ensures “battery-free plug-and-play connectivity” and with a lot more devices than before. More than 100 smartphones, for example, have been tested to work with TCL NXTWEAR AIR.  There is plenty here to set TCL NXTWEAR AIR, as announced at CES 2022, apart from that wearable.


Not least of all, the company’s latest announcement features a new, more premium design that weighs 30-percent less than its predecessor. Specifically, at 75g with the standard lens. And, according to the company, it’s a lot more comfortable too. So users will be able to wear the new sunglasses-style connected wearable for longer than ever.

Additionally, the latest in the TCL NXTWEAR lineup brings more resolution to the table than ever. With deeper blacks, brighter colors, and better contrast. Delivered via dual 1080p Micro OLED displays at 47 pixels-per-degree. Offering a more cinematic, cinema-like picture, coupled with dual speakers supporting spatial audio in stereo. That all equates to a theater like-experience all around, at the equivalent of watching a 140-inch screen from just 4-meters away.

That is, of course, with support for wired or wireless headphones too. And the lenses even come with two “exchangeable” front lenses, so users can individualize their style more readily than before.


Pricing and availability

As of this writing, TCL hasn’t provided exact details about the pricing or availability of TCL NXTWEAR AIR. More details will undoubtedly come to light as the official launch day approaches.