Snap Introduces A Standalone Video Editing App 'Story Studio'

snapchat story studio video editor

Snapchat is one of the most used social media applications available for mobiles. Snap, the company behind Snapchat, has now launched a standalone video editing app called Story Studio.

This video editing application is meant to provide more editing controls to creators in creating vertical videos for Snapchat. Users will be able to add elements such as text, trending audio, and AR lenses to their videos.

Notably, the ‘Story Studio’ app was announced back in May this year. Fast forward to now, according to a report by The Verge, it is available for iOS users in the US, UK, and Canada as an ‘early version’. It is expected to come out for Android users sometime in the future.


By ‘early version’ it means the app is still under development, and you may come across a few glitches when using it. Snap says that this new ‘Story Studio’ app is built for creators using Spotlight.

For those who don’t know, Spotlight is a TikTok-like feature available on Snapchat. Here, users can create fun and entertaining vertical videos, which are discoverable by everyone on the platform.

The spotlight video sharing feature was introduced back in November last year, and ever since its announcement, the company has paid over $250 million to 12,000 creators.


Videos edited on Story Studio can be easily exported directly to Spotlight or users’ Snapchat story

Snap is paying millions to the top creators on Spotlight. The company will continue to offer lucrative opportunities for the Spotlight creators to create more content for its platform.

One good thing about Spotlight feature over TikTok is that it lets you download videos and share them on other platforms. Moreover, videos aren’t watermarked, unlike TikTok.

It also shows how confident and committed Snapchat is to its Spotlight feature. So, it was only obvious that the company would introduce new features to make this feature more productive for creators.


The videos edited on Story Studio can be easily exported directly to Spotlight. Even the user can upload the edited video to their Snapchat story as well.

Well, Snapchat isn’t the only player in this short-video space. Apart from TikTok, there are Instagram Reels, which is also seeing a surge in the number of users.

Facebook, which owns Instagram, announced that it will pay out over $1 billion to creators through 2022. To tackle this, Snap says that the content posted on Spotlight is three times more when the feature was announced.


Still, Snapchat’s Spotlight feature is new and it will take some time to come at par with already popular short-video platforms such as TikTok or even Instagram Reels for that matter.