Your Galaxy Watch 4 May Not Connect After This Plugin Update

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According to a recent report, some users are having trouble getting their Galaxy Watch 4 to connect to their smartphone after a recent update to the GalaxyWatch4 Plugin app which introduced a bug. The update, which was pushed for us on December 8 (officially updated by Samsung on December 2), includes a fix for the runtime exception as well as a holiday watchface.

If you have updates set to automatic, chances are the update may have come through without you even noticing. You might now be wondering if your watch will be unusable. There’s good news and bad news in regards to that.

The bad news is that the bug seems to be impacting all phones which aren’t Samsung. Which is a pretty wide variety. The good news though, is that it doesn’t seem to be everyone using a non-Samsung phone. So take that for what it’s worth.


The GalaxyWatch4 Plugin update bug doesn’t impact everyone

While the bug seems to be widespread, it doesn’t appear to be hitting every single user who has a Galaxy Watch 4 connected to a non-Samsung phone. We have ours connected to a non-Samsung device and have had no issues with the watch connecting. We also received the aforementioned update on December 8.

That does not however mean that you won’t have issues on your end. Our watch was already connected to our phone prior to the app update happening. So maybe there’s a variable there that prevented the issues from popping up. Or, more likely, it’s just that some people are experiencing the problems and others aren’t. Like with most bugs.

Still, this is a bug you will want to be keep an eye out for. Because there’s apparently no workaround for it. Which means if you do experience the bug there’s no way to bypass it. For now.


Samsung is thought to be aware of the issue but it has yet to publicly acknowledge the problem. And a new update has yet to be pushed out which would contain a fix. All that being said, update the app with caution if you haven’t updated already.

Since we aren’t experiencing the issue on our end, it’s possible to get the update and not have any connection problems. But if you do choose to update, you’re doing so at the risk of not being able to use the watch for a bit.