Samsung Conducts Two-Day Meeting To Discuss 2022 Strategies

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Samsung recently underwent a major reshuffling with the appointment of new CEOs. The company also divided its business into two branches – Device Solutions (DS) and Device eXperience (DX). According to a new report, the company is carrying out a two-day global strategy meeting to discuss plans for 2022.

According to sources quoted by Yonhap (via), this two-day meeting began on December 21. The company will tackle some of the pertinent business matters and look into its global strategy during the meetings. Executives joined the meeting virtually due to concerns over the pandemic.

The Device Solutions wing looks after Samsung’s semiconductor business, which accounted for more than 60% of the company’s operating profit in Q3 2021. Meanwhile, the Device eXperience wing manages the appliance, network, and mobile businesses.


This is the first companywide meeting for Samsung since the appointment of new CEOs

Yonhap notes that this is the first strategy meeting for the newly appointed CEO of the DS division Han Jong-hee and the CEO of the DX branch Kyung Kye-hyun. Expectedly, the two divisions are working closely to generate synergies.

The DX division must also contend with the global chip shortage and other supply-related issues. Meanwhile, the DS wing will closely monitor the development of the new chip fabrication plant in Taylor, TX. The Korean manufacturer will also look to bolster its contract chip and system chip manufacturing businesses.

We’ve recently learned that Samsung wants to secure annual contracts with chip foundries to maintain chip production capacity. Moreover, the company would reportedly stock chip supplies to last four weeks as compared to two weeks.


Samsung has faced the brunt of the global semiconductor shortage as it delayed a handful of devices meant to launch in 2021. The Galaxy S21 FE was one of the victims. But after multiple delays, the phone is now expected to be revealed on January 3, 2022.

Meanwhile, Samsung could also delay the Galaxy S22, but only by a week. Although the phone was going to be widely available by February 18, we’re now learning that it will only arrive by February 25. A supply chain issue could be forcing the manufacturer to delay the flagship’s launch. Since we haven’t received confirmation from Samsung, it is recommended to take this with a grain of salt.