Has Our Relationship With Smartphones Permanently Remove The Suspense From Live Events?

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Since the invention of mobile phones in 1980, human behavior has changed drastically. Even today, mobile phone companies introduce new features and applications to make tasks simpler and more efficient. Initially, phones were only useful for calling people, but over time, they started transforming the way in which we think, act and make decisions. That’s when the era of smartphones began.

Although smartphones are helpful in a wide spectrum to make human life efficient, there are various downsides. In the 90s, when people went for outings, dinner or watched a football game, they used to enjoy every moment. Now, however, things are vastly different because of smartphones. Below, you will find some ways in which smartphones are taking away the suspense and thrill of a live event.

Overall experience of watching the game

Whether it’s a football or basketball match, sports enthusiasts can’t move away from their screens. They try to make the most of their experience by getting snacks prepared ahead of the event and even getting friends in for ‘watchalongs’. That said, supporting the team isn’t enough when you are into sports betting. You have to track every score, penalty and player replacement during the game. With all this information, you can anticipate the potential winner, which is an important element of a live event.


But many people watch every moment to predict the turning points and place bets on the possible winning side. That’s where the fun begins. If you are into sports betting, you cannot take your eyes off the screen. But, smartphones take away the sports betting essence and disrupt your ability to anticipate the results. To increase your chances of winning a bet, you need to stay attentive from the start of the match till the final whistle. Therefore, it would be best to put away your mobile phone while watching a live event, especially if you love betting. If you are planning to bet in the Ice Hockey World Championship 2022, then this could be your winning tip.

Improving relationships with friends and family

A few years back, when the smartphone wasn’t interrupting our way of living, friends and families used to gather at a place to cheer their favorite teams. Each person had a reason to support a team and could have lengthy conversations about their favorite players and teams. All of this made live events thoroughly enjoyable. Nowadays, most people browse through their social media accounts or take photos, and some people even handle their work through their phones. For instance, since Twitter released the Spaces feature for Android users, people can’t stop chatting in audio chat rooms. This takes away all the fun and enthusiasm of live sporting events.

Sports events are like a roller coaster ride, where you enjoy every up and down and defend your favorite team. The social element of watching live events also gives people reason to celebrate like they’re in the stadium or arena. However, if you are always on the phone, you won’t have enough information to start a conversation with your friends and defend the team you are supporting.


Boost your analytical ability

Live sporting events are not about yelling at the TV screen when your team misses a scoring opportunity. It’s about the enhancement of technical analytics skills and becoming a smart sports bettor. You might have seen people sharing statistics of each player and unfolding the match with their predictions. Keep in mind that sports events are not about luck, but how individual players perform. Therefore, you need to keep an eye on the live event and understand the game like a professional analyst.

But a smartphone is a common distraction that negatively influences the spectator’s ability to analyze and study the live event. Using your phone during a live event affects your chances of becoming a skilled football or ice hockey analyst. Keep in mind that watching every tiny game element improves your memory, thinking power and chances to win sports bets. But you cannot boost your skills when you are consistently on your phone instead of analyzing the game.

The element of suspense

Our minds easily shift focus from one event to another – in the blink of an eye. For instance, when you are going through a tough time, a nail-biting football game can radically change your mood. It can give you a reason to be happy or may make you sad if your team loses. Similarly, when you use your phone during a match, your mind completely diverts your attention from the game. This behavior removes the element of fun and suspense from the game and you end up using your phone for the rest of the match.


As a result, you won’t be as energetic, even if your team wins. On the other hand, if you put your smartphone aside, you’ll be able to enjoy the unexpected moments and enhance your experience as a spectator. If you are into sports betting, you should cherish every moment, as most sports are quite unpredictable and results can change within minutes.