Project Sophia Is Razer's Fully Modular Concept Gaming Desk

Razer Project Sophia Concept

As Razer continues to expand its product line beyond gaming peripherals and laptops, one of its newest ideas is a concept gaming desk named Project Sophia. As Razer describes it, Project Sophia is the “world’s first true gaming desk concept.”

You’ve probably seen gaming desks before. But, perhaps not like this one. Its key offering is the customization options it delivers. Which are an unprecedented level of personalization tweaks that users can make. Allowing you to tailor the setup to your liking.

In all there are 13 different separate modules that can be affixed to the desk. Including touch-screen hotkey panels, system monitoring tools, and audio mixer units just to name a few.


The Razer Project Sophia concept is also a gaming PC

Project Sophia is more than just a gaming desk. It’s also your actual gaming machine. Housing the newest Intel CPU and NVIDIA GPU, in addition to other powerful core components. All of the components are housed in a slim chassis that sits under the desk.

Which actually attaches to the underside of the desk using magnets. Razer say this makes it easy to get to if you ever need to swap out components for upgrades or replacement. It also comes with either a 65-inch or 75-inch OLED panel display that can attach to the back. Built with self-lit pixels that Razer says help to make the picture quality brighter and sharper.

Naturally, the entire thing is also fitted with RGB LEDs that sync with Razer Chroma. So you can pair them up with your Razer Chroma-powered peripherals and any other Chroma-supported devices you may have.


Gaming isn’t the only intention

While it sounds like the perfect (or near-perfect) desk for hardcore gamers and streamers, Razer is positioning Project Sophia as a multi-purpose gaming desk and workstation. Designed to meet the needs of various PC uses.

It’s more true to Razer’s self-proclaimed moniker of being the leading global lifestyle brand for gamers as opposed to its other motto of “For Gamers By Gamers.” The key word in all of that is lifestyle. Lending itself well to both Razer’s extensive lineup of gaming-specific products in addition to products like those in its productivity line.

The beauty behind it all, is that the modular system is built to be hot swappable. So you can configure and reconfigure modular components to fit the needs of the task or activity. If you’re gaming, you can slot in things like the touch-screen hotkey panels, high-fidelity audio, high refresh rate screens and more.


Meanwhile, streamers or other types of content creators can add things like creative input tools, cameras, microphones, and even a cup warmer to keep your coffee or tea hot. While all of this might sound like an amazing setup, remember that this is just a concept.

And like some of Razer’s other concepts it might never see the light of day as a consumer product. Still, imagine having this setup in your own gaming space.