PUBG Mobile Adds Squid Game-Inspired Survival Mode

PUBG Mobile Squid Game

PUBG Mobile is adding a new mode inspired by Squid Game, featuring the kid-favorite game called Red Light/Green Light. The mode is officially called React: Survival, and although loosely inspired by Squid Game, this mode has no actual affiliation with the show.

It is quite obvious where the inspiration for the mode comes from, though. Red Light/Green Light was the first children’s game played between all contestants in the show’s first episode. Everyone is even wearing tracksuits with their own personal number.

All that aside, React: Survival should be a big hit with players. Especially since there’s no IRL death tied to the other end if you happen to lose.


The Squid Game-like React: Survival in PUBG Mobile will be available through Arcade mode

To get to React: Survival, you’ll need to enter Arcade Mode, where the new match type can be found. The goal in React: Survival is very much like Red Light/Green Light in the show. Players will need to move as far as they can while the music is playing and the “Evil Rabbit” has its back turned to the players. All while trying to get past the finish line.

But once the music stops, and Evil Rabbit turns around, players will need to stop moving. Players are killed if they’re caught. Which means players will need to figure out the pattern of the rabbit’s movements and cross the finish line before the timer runs out.

It sounds simple, but it might prove to be a challenge until you learn the patterns. As for rewards related to this new game mode, none are mentioned. But there should be something worthwhile in there.


Players can also acquire the new Avalanche X-Suit

In addition to the new React: Survival mode, players also have a chance to acquire a new outfit called the Avalanche X-Suit. Though, this isn’t immediately available. While the new mode is currently live, the suit won’t be available in-game until December 24. Which is this coming Friday.

So you’ll have to make it through the week before you can apply it to your character. PUBG Mobile remains the most popular battle royale game on mobile devices. And even recently partnered up with Riot Games to release a crossover with League Of Legends Arcane.