Pinterest Invests In The Video Editing App, Vochi

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The content creation space has seen a boom since the start of the pandemic. Apps like Pinterest were always popular with users, and being locked down opened it up even more, so what better way to expand its already popular hold on users than to add video editing to the services it offers?

At its inception in Silicon Valley in 2009, Pinterest was created so that users could be inspired by ideas they find there, create their own and even go on to purchase the items on their different pins. It cuts across all industries and services from beauty, construction to recipes and nutrition, fashion and agriculture. The progression to adding video editing to the existing services is a natural one. If you look at the offermate.co.uk leaflets, they present a number of stores with tools or products you would then use to create pins, boards, or videos on Pinterest – make-up from Avon, and a variety of products from Sainsbury, Primark etc., among other stores.

What is Vochi?

Founded by in 2019 Ilya Lesun, Anna Bulgakova, Vasily Kasnitsky, and Sergei Malyutin, and incubated by Andrei Avsievich and Yury Melnichek from Bulba Ventures, Volchi is a video editing app that uses unique AI-based technology. The app allows you to apply real-time filters to your photos, stories, and videos. You are also able to make quick edits and add video and photo effects to your short movies. Vochi, additionally, has an aesthetic video editor, and this feature allows you to crop your video clip and basically make a movie by adding filters for videos. If you are an aspiring vlogger/content creator or filmmaker wanting to take your content to the next level, Vochi is a very good place to start.


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How will it work with Pinterest?

As alluded to earlier, adding a video editing tool to Pinterest’s portfolio is an astute business decision. Content creation is a booming field and expanding into tools that will make it easier for Pinterest users will increase their subscriber base and allow content creators to monetise their work. Considering Pinterest is predominantly pictures and some videos, adding Vochi will allow users to tailor content that will inform and advertise products or services in their own unique way. This will also make their content more relatable and also encourage more click through from users.

Pinterest as an existing content platform will now enhance its primary purpose and make it easier for users and creators alike to have a practical feel of products/services. When you put power or tools in users’ hands to present their content in their own way, magic is created, the kind that draws in more people and expands minds to other ways of seeing and doing things. The Pinterest and Vochi union is, therefore, a beautiful one.


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When will it start?

Vochi will remain a separate app for the time being until the two teams progressively merge.