OxygenOS 12 For OnePlus 9 Phones Is Riddled With Bugs

AH OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro KL image 1

Android 12 has been out for a while, and companies like Samsung and OnePlus are launching their skinned version of the platform. The latter just released the stable version of OxygenOS 12 to the One Plus 9 phones, but there seem to be a ton of bugs in the software.

OxygenOS 12 seems to have bugs EVERYWHERE

As mentioned before, OxygenOS 12 is based on Android 12, which means that there will be several aesthetic changes. OnePlus has pushed the update to its OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro phones.

However, it seems that it’s just saturated with software bugs. According to Reddit users and Twitter users (via XDA Developers) there’s some sort of bug affecting every corner of the software. A lot of people are calling it unfinished and half-assed.


What are the bugs?

One user from Reddit is complaining that they can’t change the app icons individually and that they can’t customize the status bar. They tried to disable the battery percentage up top but couldn’t. Also, the KWGT widget looks horrible and the overall aesthetic looks messed up.

A Twitter user has another set of complaints. There are animation issues and some of the apps have DPI scaling issues.

These only see to scratch the surface of all of the issues that are going on. As time goes on, there may be more issues that come to the surface. As of yet, OnePlus hasn’t made any statement on the subject. With how many issues there are, we expect the company to do so.


This amount of issues is rather confusing because this version of OxygenOS went through multiple rounds of testing for a while; one would assume that it would be stable.

From the sound of the complaints, it almost seems that OnePlus accidentally sent out an early beta version.

In Other OnePlus News: The OnePlus 10 might launch sooner than we thought

While the OnePlus 9 is handling its software issues, the OnePlus 10 is going to be launching soon. Sources have been pointing to different possible reveal windows ranging between January and March 2022.


One reliable source, Max Jambor, gave us a pretty striking tip, and it lets us know that the OnePlus 10 will be unveiled sooner than we thought. The leaked image shows the OnePlus logo with the text “Let’s catch up in Las Vegas on January 5th. Save the date.” This points to the OnePlus 10 being unveiled in less than a month.

This date is significant because that date is during CES next year. This is only for the OnePlus 10; we don’t know when to expect the OnePlus 10 Pro