Never Settle Isn't Just A Slogan, It's Also A New Book From OnePlus

OnePlus Never Settle book presser from Android Authority

OnePlus has written a book titled Never Settle, aimed at fans of the brand and anybody else interested in learning about its history. That’s based on recent reports detailing the apparently imminent release. The company, which was formed back in 2013 and sold its first smartphone in 2014, announced the book as part of its eighth-anniversary celebrations.

OnePlus hasn’t shared any specific details regarding the contents of the book, as of this writing. But it has defined the intent of the book relatively well. Never Settle will be filled from cover to cover with stories about OnePlus and, true to its purpose, history about the company. Including “momentous events” from throughout that history. As well as “anecdotes portrayed” by its own staff and teams.

The book will additionally include stories about OnePlus from fans of the brand. Although reports haven’t made clear whether those stories will stem from OnePlus community forums. Or whether they’ll come from inter-staff interactions, fan submissions, or some combination of those.


All of which seems to indicate that this particular title will be less of a straightforward history book. And will be more a celebration of its accomplishments.

This OnePlus book, like its smartphones, will make you settle for a waiting game

Now, the OnePlus slogan may match the company’s new book, but there is at least one aspect of this announcement that Never Settle doesn’t appear to apply to. Namely, its launch date and pricing. Or, more specifically, any information at all about its launch date and pricing. As well as what’s contained inside. OnePlus hasn’t provided any real details on those fronts, as of this writing.

OnePlus indicates that five contributors to the book, via its associated community forum thread, will receive a hand-numbered version of the book. In the interim, OnePlus has simply said that it can’t wait to “have the first physical copies” to share.