NVIDIA Gets Rid Of The Waitlist For The GeForce Now RTX 3080 Tier

NVIDIA GeForce NOW Waitlist

This week, NVIDIA has an early Christmas gift for anyone wanting to check out GeForce NOW, the end of the waitlist for the RTX 3080 memberships. That’s right. Anyone who’s wanted to try out NVIDIA’s cloud gaming service with the RTX 3080 tier can now do so and get immediate access to the service. Complete with Ray Tracing, a wide selection of compatible games (you still have to own them), RTX ON, and many more features.

It’s the most powerful cloud gaming experience out there. And if you have the internet chops to handle it, you’ll be playing games at high-end settings without having to download a single one. There are however some things to know before jumping in.

The GeForce NOW RTX 3080 waitlist is gone, but it’s still more expensive

RTX 3080 memberships for GeForce NOW may no longer have a waitlist. They do however have a limitation. You can only sign up for this tier with a 6-month membership. Meaning you can’t pay for the month-to-month plan like you can with the Priority tier. Which is $9.99 a month by the way. Rather, you have to spend a minimum of $99.99, which equals out to $200 a year. Having said that, and having personally tried all tiers, the 3080 tier is the way to go if you can swing the extra cash upfront.


It also still might be worth the time to test out the free tier. At least before jumping up to the top option. Subscribers that do this should just know that the 3080 tier experience is going to be superior. In addition to having better graphics, it comes with lower latency. So if you like the way the free tier works, the 3080 tier subscription is highly recommended.

NVIDIA drops the price of the SHIELD TV by $20


To get players all set up for the best experience, the company is also having a sale on the SHIELD TV. For a limited time you can pick up the SHIELD TV for $20 off the regular price. And since GeForce NOW is available through the SHIELD TV, this is one of the best ways to experience any tier of the service.


The sale is available for all models too. Which means you can pay $179.99 for the SHIELD TV Pro instead of $199. Or you can do the non-pro model for $129 instead of $149.99.