Next-Gen Samsung Galaxy Buds May Include Biometric Sensors

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A new Samsung patent shared by LetsGoDigital shows that the next generation of Samsung Galaxy Buds could come with biometric sensors. These sensors would help users to track their workouts and other important health metrics.

Samsung is going to launch its next-year flagships, the Galaxy S22 series in February 2022, which isn’t far from now. Along with the hyped and exciting Galaxy S22 series, the company is also expected to launch Galaxy Buds Pro 2 and Galaxy Buds Live 2 next year.

According to the information at hand, the Buds Pro 2 will debut sometime in Q2 of 2022. On the other hand, the Buds Live 2 will be launched in August.


With these new earbuds, Samsung is not only expected to improve the fit, finish, and audio quality. It is also expected to bring biometric sensors to track vital health metrics.

As per the patent filed by Samsung, the next-gen Galaxy Buds will be capable of measuring health metrics using biometric sensors. This includes heart rate, SpO2, and blood pressure.

Additionally, it will also be able to measure blood sugar levels, the status of your blood vessels, and even your stress levels. All these health metrics are extremely important for those who will wear these earbuds while they work out.


Currently, there aren’t any earbuds in the market that can measure blood sugar levels or stress levels

There are a few headphones that come with sensors to measure the heart rate of the user. However, there aren’t any earbuds in the market currently that have the ability or sensors to measure blood sugar or stress levels.

This health measuring will be achieved using a light-emitting diode and a light receiver, such as a photodiode. The patent also shows that a laser diode (LD) and an infrared diode (IR) can also be used in the next-gen Samsung earbuds.

So, the next-gen Galaxy Buds will definitely be going to be something to look out for. More importantly for those, if you are into exercising and wear truly wireless earbuds while working out.


Moreover, this would also put Samsung way ahead of its competition in the wireless earbuds category. Especially against its main rival in this segment, Apple.

Samsung earbuds are known for their good sound quality and great build quality. They still haven’t managed to match the popularity of the Apple AirPods.

The addition of health sensors would make the Galaxy Buds even more suitable for workouts.


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