The Pixel Watch May Come With Next-Gen Google Assistant

Google Pixel Smartwatch Leak 1

Wear OS may be poised to get the next-gen version of Google Assistant thanks to the Pixel Watch. According to a new report from 9To5Google, the Pixel Watch could be coming with this version of Google’s digital assistant tool. Worth keeping in mind is that the Pixel Watch itself hasn’t been confirmed by Google yet. Let alone that the next-gen version of Google Assistant is coming to the Pixel Watch.

But, evidence has been mounting that makes it seem more and more likely that Google does plan to release a smartwatch that’s part of its now famed Pixel brand. And if the report is accurate, and the next-gen version is coming to Google’s own wearable, then using it will be a lot faster. Something which could be a major benefit to people who tend to use the feature on their smartwatches.

Think about it. You probably use Google Assistant from a smartwatch in a pinch when you don’t have your hands free to use your phone. Or to type the search query. Which is likely to happen when you need the results quickly. So why is this a good thing for users? Because the next-gen version processes speech directly on the device. Which translates to faster responses.


In addition to the next-gen Google Assistant, the Pixel Watch may be powered by Exynos

The next-gen version of Google Assistant isn’t the only potential new detail about this watch. It’s also possible that Samsung’s Exynos chipset for wearables could be powering this device.

That’s because the watch would need a powerful enough smartwatch chip to process the speech directly on the hardware. 9To5Google also notes some evidence found points to the possibility Google could use Samsung’s components. Though again, this isn’t something that’s set in stone.

That being said, Google’s options could be to use an entirely new chip that Samsung makes specifically for the watch. Additionally, it could also use the same chip that’s in the Galaxy Watch 4. Which would mean the Galaxy Watch 4 could potentially get the new version of Google Assistant down the road as well.