New Go Edition Brings The Best Of Android 12 On A Budget

00 Android 12 Go Edition announcement presser

Google has now officially unveiled Android 12 (Go edition) for budget-first smartphones. The exact release timeline has not been announced, with regard to when the rollouts for the new version will start. However, the company has detailed which features will be making their way over from full Android. And there are quite a few of those.

Of course, one of the most useful will be the Android 12 hibernation feature. The built-in tool archives apps, keeping a save state and removing them from primary memory when they haven’t been used for extended periods. Chiefly to save on both battery life and storage. The new Android (Go edition) delivers that complete with a notification for end-users, as shown in the image below. Specifically, to inform them when apps are being hibernated.

This version of android will also be faster and more consistent

In addition to that feature, the new Android (Go edition) will launch up to 30-percent faster. And it comes with the new SplashScreen API on the development side. Meaning that apps will launch more smoothly in terms of animations, not just in the primary system animations.


Nearby Share is also making its way to budget phones via Android 12 (Go edition). Saving even more data when it comes to transferring files. And similar features are also incoming for sharing apps via Google Play. While the new Files Go app update will allow users to recover any files it deletes for up to 30 days. Allowing users to free up space as necessary without the added headache of worrying about recovering those.

Continuing on the software side of things, the new Android 12 version also comes with guest profile log-ins directly from the lock screen. Making Android handsets in the budget segment easier to share. While the new Privacy Dashboard is also included for those who need to keep tabs on their personal information. And, of course, new privacy indicators that show if the camera or mic is in use. As well as Android 12’s new approximate location permission.

Finally, Google says that users will be able to use onboard algorithms to listen to the news or read on-screen content, translated into their own native language directly from the recent apps screen.


Why does Android 12 (Go edition) matter to end-users?

The announcement of Android 12 (Go edition) comes alongside the announcement of a new growth metric from Google. Namely, a growth metric of 200 million active users on Android (Go edition) devices. And the new version is going to be impactful for a number of reasons. Not least of all, that’s because Google intends that Go edition Android to be reserved for the lowest-spec — and thus, lowest price — devices available.

Now, with availability starting when the first updates and new gadgets running version 12 launch next year, more of the best aspects of full Android 12 will be available for more users than ever.

01 Android 12 Go Edition announcment app hibernation presser
01 Android 12 Go Edition announcment app hibernation presser