Another One Bites The Dust: MSI Bows Out Of CES 2022 Trade Show


MSI is the latest brand to bow out of the CES 2022 trade show coming up in the beginning of January. Like a deluge, most major brands have made the likely tough decision to cancel their physical presence at CES. The trade show is one of the bigger (if not the biggest) conventions for consumer electronics every single year.

Taking place in Las Vegas, it tends to attract thousands and thousands of people. In the form of attendees, vendors, and PR for brands. But since the pandemic hit, in-person attendance for many big events have been cancelled. That isn’t the case for CES this coming year, but that hasn’t stopped a string of companies from pulling out for the safety of their employees and everyone around them. The obvious reason being, “why take the risk?”

At this point most of the major companies have issued official statements confirming that they won’t be going. Save for Samsung, which apparently still plans to attend and hold its press conference.


MSI isn’t out of CES 2022 entirely

While MSI has cancelled its in-person attendance, the company will still have announcements to make. And it’ll do just that during the times it planned for when it was still heading to CES 2022.

Those announcements will now simply be held online. Like many of the other companies who are no longer going, announcements are going to be in the form of press releases instead of physical shows.

For MSI’s part, it’ll have press releases to announce its upcoming products. But it will also hold virtual events to showcase what’s coming up for the year. A bit smaller in scale perhaps, compared to a big trade show in-person press conference. But in the end MSI says that it’s made this decision “for the safety of its employees, customers, and fans.”


There will be two virtual events to tune into. MSI Gamerverse, which takes place on January 4 at 1pm PST, and MSI-Verse which takes place on January 5 at 10am PST and goes through January 8.

Each event will focus on different stuff. The MSI Gamerverse will be strictly for showcasing the early 2022 gaming laptop line. Meanwhile, MSI-Verse will focus on gaming, content creation, and business & productivity categories. MSI-Verse will also have interactive elements, allowing virtual attendees to play games and earn virtual coins, and even have a chance to win some grand prizes.