Microsoft Edge Will Make It Easier To Follow Sites

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[UPDATE: The source has been traced back to a Reddit post from a few months back.]

There are plenty of ways to keep up with your favorite sites nowadays via social media and other means. According to Tech Radar, Microsoft wants users to have another way of following sites. The company is introducing the feature called “Followable Web.”

Followable Web lets Edge keep track of your sites

It’s pretty easy to keep up with the content that sites post today, as there are always news feeds and social media feeds, but the new Microsoft Edge feature called Followable Web will give you another way to do so.


As the name suggests, Followable Web lets you follow different websites to stay up to date with their newest content. The new content will be stored in a panel on the side of the browser. You’ll be able to see most of your followed sites on the panel. However, if you want to see all of the sites, then you will have to go to the collections menu.

This future could really be convenient.

Oftentimes, especially for those who like to keep up with news, people want a quick way to access their favorite websites. Followable Web seems like it will be just that.

It will be a single unified means of keeping up with sites. It might eliminate the need for going through other sources like social media or Google News.


Followable Web is in testing right now

Most people will not be able to see this feature just yet; it is being tested at the moment. You can use this feature if you’re on the Microsoft Edge Canary early access channel.

This means that it will definitely be a while before this feature reaches common users. Right now, it’s hard to tell when this feature will make it to the final version. Since it’s in testing right now, it could definitely be some time.

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