Microsoft Edge Browser Tries To Stop You From Downloading Google Chrome On Windows

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It is quite evident that there are more people who use Google Chrome over Microsoft Edge. While Microsoft Edge browser has continuously received new updates and behaves a lot like Chrome, users still prefer Chrome.

Other browsers just make up a small portion of the market share combined, whereas the biggest piece of the pie is held by Google Chrome.

Microsoft tried denting Google Chrome’s market by rebuilding its Edge browser on the same base as Google Chrome. Although the web browser is more fined tuned and refreshed, people still prefer Chrome over Edge.


Well, this could be the reason behind Microsoft aggressively trying to stop users from downloading Google Chrome on their Windows PC.

Yes! You read it right. According to the latest report by Windows Latest (via 9to5Google), Microsoft Edge throws a pop-up to try and keep users away from downloading Google Chrome.

Apparently, Microsoft Edge comes as the default browser on Windows 10 and the now latest Windows 11 operating system. However, now when you try to install Chrome using Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser, you will come across a pop-up displaying a warning.


This warning pop up attacks Google’s privacy and data policies

The warning message is basically to avoid users jumping the ship with Google. Here is what the warning pop up reads when you try installing Chrome using Edge browser: “Microsoft Edge runs on the same technology as Chrome, with the added trust of Microsoft. Browse securely now.”

Reading closely, Microsoft indirectly attacks Google’s privacy and data policies by saying “with the added trust of Microsoft. Browse securely now”.

Google has been continuously under scrutiny by some over the past few years on how it handles user data and tracks them. It seems like a tit-for-tat move from Microsoft.


That’s not all. According to Neowin, there are other versions of this message as well. “That browser is so 2008! Do you know what’s new? Microsoft Edge. ‘I hate saving money,’ said no one ever. Microsoft Edge is the best browser for online shopping”.

Because, Gmail also shows up a similar kind of message asking users to use Google Chrome, when they try to login to their Gmail accounts using Microsoft Edge browser.

Whatever the case may be, Microsoft has just gone a bit too far with its obsession to make people use the Edge browser. The recently launched Windows 11 OS has multiple layers of steps that a user needs to go through, in order to just change their default browser from Edge. Previously, it was a one-step affair.


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