Louis Vuitton's Upcoming Smartwatch Taps Into The RGB Craze

New Louis Vuitton Smartwatch

Louis Vuitton is apparently making another smartwatch and this time around it’s tapping into the hype surrounding RGB lighting, called the Tambour Horizon Light Up. No, this isn’t like the RGB lights you’ll find on popular gaming keyboards. There’s no Razer Chroma. No game sync capabilities or anything of the like. Though it would certainly be wild if Louis Vuitton had some sort of strange, gaming-centric crossover in the form of a new smartwatch.

Rather, this just appears to be a newer version of the extravagantly expensive Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon watch (which was already re-launched once in 2019 following the initial 2017 release), but with RGB lighting around the bezel. Why? We’re, not sure. Though Louis Vuitton will no doubt mention it during it an official announcement, which seemingly hasn’t happened yet.

According to The Verge, Louis Vuitton has acknowledged and confirmed that this watch is real and that it is on the way. But offered next to no information beyond that about the watch. There was one curious detail though.


The Louis Vuitton RGB smartwatch will not run on Wear OS

Based on The Verge’s report, this new watch from Louis Vuitton will not run on Wear OS. Unlike its last two iterations. Instead, it’s supposed to run on its own proprietary software. There could be a number of reasons for this. Perhaps Louis Vuitton didn’t want to update the internal components like the chipset, RAM, and storage.

For a long time it’s been known that Wear OS was not the most performance-friendly software. Chewing up battery life and eating through performance resources like nobody’s business. So, perchance this is a way for Louis Vuitton to improve that. However, this is all just speculatory.

No cost or availability has been confirmed

Other than what appears to be the name, and the lack of Wear OS, there’s not much else to know about the Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon Light Up right now. Availability dates haven’t been confirmed and although there’s no confirmed cost either, does there need to be?


This is a Louis Vuitton smartwatch. The relaunched Tambour Horizon from 2019 was $2,500. This is likely to be in that ballpark too. So, it’s going to be expensive. Which means if you really want it, you might need to start saving.