LG Just Created The Most Comfortable Way To Enjoy Entertainment

LG Reclining TV Chair 3

LG has made some interesting products in its time, many of which have been innovative, but this coming year it’s embracing the wonderful world of chair-based entertainment with a reclining TV chair.

This monstrous entertainment “throne” as The Verge calls it (and honestly that’s about as accurate as it gets), is a reclining chair with a built-in curved 55-inch OLED TV panel from LG Display. The company is showing off the concept product at CES 2022. Provided the show isn’t cancelled and LG ends up going.

Though, given the state of things, that might not be happening. Many big companies have already pulled out due to ongoing complications with the Omicron variant of COVID-19. Even if CES still plans to forge on ahead. But, back to LG’s vision for what could be the most comfortable personal entertainment environment one could experience.


The LG reclining TV only seats one person

LG Reclining TV Chair 2

Although this is just a concept, it might not be the most practical product for the majority of people. The chair only seats one person comfortably judging by the images LG shared. So, it would likely be perfect for someone who lives and watches TV alone, or wanted something of this nature for a game room. As an aside, this would be an awesome TV setup for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Beyond the single-person seating, this would no doubt be wildly expensive too. Making it a product that would be out of reach for most consumers. Granted, LG, like many companies, doesn’t always create concepts with the intent to produce them. Sometimes it’s just to show off what can be done.


And this very much feels like LG Display’s way of flexing its consumer electronics innovation.

The devil is in the details

LG Reclining TV Chair 1

When it comes to the specs and features of the TV and the chair, it all sounds enticing. Even if the TV itself isn’t loaded with bleeding edge components and features. The 55-inch OLED panel has a 1500R curvature which LG says is the “perfect focal distance” for viewing pleasure.


You can rotate the TV between portrait and landscape modes, too. But the real beauty of the design is the way the TV stays at the same eye level. Because when you recline the chair backwards, the panel is attached to the part that moves. So, as the chair leans back, the TV arcs upward.

Even if this isn’t a product LG plans to sell, it’s cool to think about what it might be to have this as your own personal entertainment setup.