Leaked Video Shows Oppo Phone With Retractable Camera

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Oppo is one of the major players in the smartphone market, and it’s been able to give us some innovative devices. The innovation continues as a video showing an Oppo phone with a retractable camera has leaked via @techagent26. This video comes right before Oppo INNO Day 2021 which will happen on the 14th or 15 of this month.

This retractable camera will help the Oppo phone with zoom photography

For the past couple of years, smartphone manufacturers have been using telephoto lenses in their cameras with varying results. One thing that’s been holding them back is the lack of physical space within the phones. This mystery phone with a retractable camera aims to solve this issue.

From the video, we see the triple camera package on a rectangular island with two cameras isolated. Below them, we see the star attraction; the movable lens. This piece of hardware actually extends from the phone a couple of millimeters.


Having a camera that can extend from the phone will actually help it get even further to the subject with even less loss in quality. From the video, we can see that it’s a 50mm lens with an aperture of f/2.4.

The company made sure that this camera is protected

There’s some more information we got from the short video. For starters, one shot shows water being sprayed on the phone while the lens is retracting. This points to Oppo adding water resistance to the phone despite the retractable camera.

In another shot, we see the phone being dropped with the camera out. It’s tough to see what’s going on, but it could point to Oppo adding in drop detection. If so, then the camera would retract when it senses the phone is in freefall. This is the same thing that OnePlus did with the OnePlus 7 Pro’s pop-up camera.


Right now, we don’t have any more information on this phone like specs or a possible price. This video was leaked, so Oppo wasn’t really expecting to reveal any information just yet. More details will as time goes on, however.

Oppo INNO Day is coming soon

Tech companies have their own events like Google with I/O and Samsung with its Unpacked events. Oppo has its own, and it’s called Oppo INNO Day. This event is fast approaching as we expect to see it sometime next week.

This event will be different than previous years because it’s going to be the company’s first-ever virtual event. Instead of holding it in a physical venue, it will be live-streamed to the audience via the internet. We can expect this new phone with a retractable camera to be unveiled at this event.