L-Launcher Is A Free Launcher For Non-Wear OS Smartwatches

Garmin Lily Smartwatch 6

Many do not know that the Android operating system was first developed for digital cameras. Later, it was ported over to smartphones and smart devices the success of which is in front of us.

Android OS now runs on smart TVs, household appliances, and even smartwatches. The best thing about Android OS is that there is a dedicated launcher optimized for each device running Android.

You will find a different homescreen layout for each of Android-powered devices. However, smartwatches are a bit different. Not many brands opt for the smartwatch-dedicated operating system from Google, Wear OS.


There are several non-Wear OS smartwatches available in the market. Again, the sad part attached to these smartwatches is that they don’t come with decent or optimized launchers.

This is where the new and absolutely free non-Wear OS smartwatch launcher, L-Launcher, comes into the picture. The L-Launcher free launcher app can be installed on non-Wear OS smartwatches running Android.

According to XDA Developers, the app has been under development for well over two years. Thankfully, the new release, pre-alpha v0.0.3 offers a bunch of new features that would really excite the non-Wear OS smartwatch users.


L-Launcher supports tiles, app drawer, and notifications

First things first, the L-Launcher’s latest release offers a new Wear OS 3-styled tray-based navigation. Moreover, other elements of the L-Launcher also match Wear OS 3.

You can spot familiar tiles, which are configurable. Additionally, you can add them left or right of the main watch face, giving you that extra bit of customizability.

As per the shared video of the L-Launcher, there are other tiny bits of useful features that most of non-Wear OS smartwatch users would appreciate.


The launcher supports tiles, app drawer, weather tile, and notifications. You can move any of these tiles at your convenience on the main smartwatch face.

There are a good bunch of watch faces that L-Launcher supports. This gives you more options to keep refreshing the watch face and avoid sticking with a small list of pre-loaded watch faces of non-Wear OS smartwatches.

Do note that the watch face selection feature isn’t available, as of yet even in the latest release of L-Launcher. Another good thing about L-Launcher that adds to the list of its features is that it supports both square and round smartwatches with an ARM/ARM64 chipset.


You can check out more details about L-Launcher here. To view all the watch faces, developed by the developer of this launcher, you can head over to the project’s GitHub page.