Hulu + Live TV Latest Price Increase Is More Of A Decrease

Hulu Live TV App AM AH 1

Hulu + Live TV just pushed out its latest price increase, except, it’s not really a price increase.

It now costs $70 per month, which is up from the previous price of $65. However, Hulu is including the Disney bundle with this price. So for $70 per month, you’re getting Hulu, Hulu + Live TV, Disney+ and ESPN+. That’s actually a really great deal. Since ESPN+ is $5.99 and Disney+ is $7.99/month. So for $5 more, you’re getting $13 worth of content.

Obviously, if you weren’t already subscribed to Disney+ or ESPN+, this is just a price increase. But now you’re getting a lot more content.


That also means that the plan that offered the Disney bundle along with Hulu + Live TV is now gone. This is likely a way for Disney to simplify things here. Which is sorely needed. With the three different streaming services it has, along with its streaming TV service.

Hulu + Live TV has also axed its free trial

Hulu + Live TV has followed other Disney streaming services, killing off its free trial. It used to offer a seven-day free trial, but that is no more. Disney+ and ESPN+ used to offer a free trial and recently got rid of those as well. That leaves just regular Hulu as the only option for a free trial – which is still a full month.

So be aware of that when you do decide to sign up for Hulu + Live TV. It’s unfortunate that the free trial is gone, but the writing was on the wall from Disney already.


It wouldn’t be surprising to see more streaming services ditch the free trial. Since users are able to switch between services at will, it causes these services to not get the cash they need to keep adding more content. And there’s also always deals on getting several months at a discounted rate.