This Is What Huawei's Galaxy Z Flip 3 Competitor May Look Like

Huawei P30 Pro AH NS logo 01

Huawei is allegedly planning to announce its first flip phone with a foldable display, soon. Well, now an image of the device surfaced, suggesting what Huawei’s Galaxy Z Flip 3 competitor may look like.

Huawei’s Galaxy Z Flip 3 competitor is coming, and this could be it

If you take a look at the image below, you’ll see what we’re talking about. This image was shared by Tech Agent, a tipster. Do note that he himself says he cannot verify if this is real or not. It could just be a concept or something of the sort.

Huawei Mate V leak


In any case, the codename of the company’s upcoming smartphone is the Huawei Mate V. That device is expected to become official before the end of this month. Both Huawei and OPPO are said to launch foldable devices before the end of the year.

As you can see, this device has two circular modules on the back. The top one is reserved for the phone’s cameras, three of them, it seems. The one below it seems to be a secondary display.

The secondary display is quite small

That secondary display is considerably smaller than the one on the Galaxy Z Flip 3. Huawei seemingly wants to achieve a different purpose for this display. This is just supposed to let you know the time, status of your notifications, battery, and so on. This is too small to read notifications on, or anything else like that, for that matter.


The phone has curved edges, and it folds right down the middle. The hinge is not visible when the device is unfolded, as you can see. What we cannot see here is its front side, but we’re guessing the bezels are thin. The device will likely include a display camera hole as well.

We’re not sure if Huawei plans to launch a new variant of a larger foldable, but this flip phone is said to arrive this year. The Huawei Mate X2 successor will likely have to wait until next year.

Do note that this phone will launch without Google services, due to the US ban. Huawei did manage to build a really strong ecosystem for its devices, and they still do run Android out of the box.