How To Block Gaming Sites On Android?

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If you want to overcome your gambling addiction or help your child or close friend overcome addiction, blocking is the best way. Smartphones are now the source of gambling sites and interactive casino and sportsbook apps. Blocking such provoking sites on your phone is very important in your journey of beating an addictive gambling problem.

Nowadays, most of the best casino operators have user-friendly mobile versions that increase your engagement in gambling in order to expand their reach. You can bet anywhere, and at any time you want.

Block Sites Using Browser

Sites that operate through browsers could be blocked by installing an extension to your browser to serve the purpose. Most android phones use google chrome as their primary browser. You can also install other browsers like firefox on the phone.


Block site is software that You could add to both Firefox or Chrome. To add the extension, search in google “Block Site.” Then click on the first link from the search result page. After clicking, you will get an option to add the extension. Block site offers the following features.

Stay focused extension that allows you sites that distract you from your work or studies. Focus mode timer that allows you to control it with an added feature of the Pomodoro clock where you get a break of 5 minutes after staying focused for 25 minutes. Adult content blockers block all age-inappropriate content on your device. Other features include uninstalling prevention, password security, time management, and scheduling.

Block Sites Using Apps

Apps are the best and easiest way to modify the settings of your android device. Although Block Site has an efficient application for your phone, software applications such as Gamban, Net Nanny, GamStop, BetBlocker, and Manaaki NZ are more specific to the concerned problem that is gambling. These applications focus on blocking all sites related to gambling or other variations of gambling:



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GamBan helps users overcome their gambling addiction by blocking sites for gambling, betting, trading, or other such activities. GamBan has now updated its software to secure crypto gaming sites. This application can be easily downloaded and installed from their website once it is installed on the device.

GamBan will continue to block access to those sites until the self-exclusion terms of the application expire. The Gamban application is available in the google play store for 4.9 MB. The app efficiently blocks thousands of casinos and other gambling-related sites. The app offers a free trial period of 7 days. Their annual subscription plan costs 24.99 euros per annum for their service.



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This software works towards safe and nonaddictive gambling. It is similar to Gamban and blocks over six thousand gambling and other related sites. The application also blocks all the unauthorized and non-licensed sites from the device.

The software is free of cost as it is created for charity purposes to help people get out of their gambling addiction and is funded by donations. The BetBlocker app available in the play store is a 3.3. The MB app is mainly meant for parental controls.


Manaaki NZ

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This is another innovative App developed at Deakin University, that leverages cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to help problem gamblers from restricting casinos, etc on their phones. Depending on certain questions, gender, demographic information, etc., that are collected from users ( provided they agree to the T & C) are used to arrive at a Gambling Symptom Assessment Scale (G-SAS).

Block Sites with Antivirus

Trend Micro Mobile Security and Antivirus software are some of the best solutions for blocking gambling websites. It is a cyber security and antivirus app. The Android application works for all devices and also provides multiple device support.


Trend Micro is a reputable company that offers numerous services for cyber security and device protection. In the Google play store, a variety of applications by trend micro are available for security. Mobile security and Antivirus is a 4.6 rated application that you can get for 17MB. The features included in the app are the following:

Scanning features of apps even before installation to eliminate problematic apps for malware, ransomware, and phishing. It is blocking dangerous sites, including gambling sites and other age-inappropriate sites. Optimization of your device and app lock facility. The Android app also allows you to set the user’s maturity level to block adult content websites if the user is below 18.

Block Sites with FireWall


One of the most tangible ways to restrict gambling sites on your android device is by blocking them with a firewall. But for using a firewall, the device needs to be rooted. Only a few options are available when there isn’t any need for rooting to block sites using a firewall, such as No root Firewall, Netguard Etc.

  • NoRoot Firewall app is available in Google play store for 2.1 MB with a 4.2-star rating. To block gambling websites, follow the given steps:
  • Open the app and locate the global filters option from the top right side of your screen.
  • Then add IP addresses, names, hostnames, etc., of the gambling sites you were already registered into. If there is another website that you want to block, enter their addresses as well.

Then Select ok, and go back to the home page to click on the start option.

Block Sites with OpenDNS

If you use a wifi connection, then open DNS could be the most reliable option to block gambling sites on your android device. Most phones do not need any additional application for DNS to work, as the required settings are present within the device.


When you use your Wifi, you are using your wifi service provider’s DNS. You can change it to Open DNS without disrupting connectivity. The switching of DNS will ensure the blocking of all inappropriate content, including gambling sites.

  • To block gambling sites with open DNS, follow the steps given below:
  • First, go to the Wifi Settings on your android device.
  • Select advanced options from the wifi settings page.
  • Then you will see the tab to change DNS settings, change it to open DNS.

Then you would need to enter the given values in the DNS 1 and DNS 2 slots. The values are and, respectively.


All the methods mentioned above are equally efficient if you try to restrict gambling sites on your device. Gambling blockers like GamBan and BetBlocker are narrow-spectrum medicines for your gambling addiction. While the browser extension Block site could help you avoid distractions, it is beneficial if you work using your device as it provides various time management features. But the most important thing required is your determination to obey this block to truly overcome your addiction.