How Android Apps Are Improving Our Mental Wellbeing

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Whether it’s through alarm apps that wake us up in the morning to banking apps that help us manage our money, the introduction of apps has helped make our lives a lot easier. By streamlining our daily lives, using the apps on our phones has almost become subconscious. They’ve certainly integrated themselves into our lives, improving our mental wellbeing in several ways, from learning new languages to staying productive. We’ve mentioned three ways you can use smartphones to continue to improve your mental wellbeing.

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Language Learning

Learning a new language can be incredibly daunting, but it’s also never been easier. Together with the technology available, you can learn a language on your smartphone during your commute to the office, and then pick up where you left off when you’re at home on your laptop. Whether you want to improve your German or learn conversational Spanish because you’re going on a holiday, learning with the experts available through Preply you can get a confidence boost and improve your brain health. Not only can learning a new language lead to new opportunities but it’s also found to open new pathways in the brain that may prevent dementia.


Brain Training

Like when we learn a new language, when we play brain games, those neural connections responsible for completing the task are strengthened, with crossword and sudoku puzzles easy and effective ways to expand your mind. However, if you’re not a fan of the many puzzle games available on the Google Play Store, then you might get on better with strategy games. While they may be more complex than puzzle games, completing them can be a worthwhile reward, relying on tactical and strategic thinking to complete challenging obstacles.


While our phones are excellent at helping us manage our daily lives, they can be a hindrance to our productivity. Luckily for us, there’s an app for that. Or several apps. One of the best productivity apps available from the Google Play Store is Forest, a time tracking app that helps you stay away from digital distractions by planting trees. In 2018, it won Google Play’s Best Self-improvement app in various countries, such as Canada, India, and France, with over 6 million people using the app worldwide.

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So, what makes Forest so special?

If you can commit to working without getting distracted, over time you’ll end up with a forest full of trees showing your focus and attentiveness. Or that’s the idea with Forest. If you use your phone during the period that the tree takes to grow, it will die. While this doesn’t seem very positive, it’ll give you the chance to look at what you have the most trouble focusing on and what areas you need to improve.

What if trees just don’t do it for me?

Maybe you’re excellent with time management, but need an app to help manage the tasks themselves as they pop into your head? Then Todoist is for you and it’s used by over 20 million people worldwide, you’ll be able to plan big and small projects. Voted Editor’s Choice by Google in 2020, Todoist is your one-stop shop for getting your life organised.


With our smartphones readily available, the possibilities of smartphone apps really are endless. Even though apps can have several downfalls, the positives on our mental well-being do appear to outweigh them. Whether you’re learning a language in time for a holiday, or trying to track your concentration, you’re more than likely to find an app that can help with that.