Guide To Choosing Wireless Home Security System For Android Users

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There’s a lot to consider when selecting a security system for your house. Recent advances in technology have made it easier to protect your home and keep an eye on it wherever you are. Many security companies have begun to incorporate home automation features with their security system, making them easy to control with a tap on your smart device. As so many home security systems are available on the market, selecting one can easily get overwhelming. The good news is this guide will aid you in choosing the best home security system for Android users.

What Is A Wireless Home Security System?

Nowadays, many homeowners are constantly scouring the internet to find the answer to questions like “What is a security system?”, “what is the best method of monitoring my security system?” and “Is wireless security different from wired security?”, the short answers to which can be found in this article.

For many homeowners, keeping the home safe and secure is a top priority, and that’s where security systems come in. They are essentially an array of various security devices that protect your home from intruders. They are available in different types and can either be professional or be DIY monitored.

Wired or wireless security is used in terms of the network connection. A wireless security system uses an internet or WiFi network to monitor the equipment. In contrast, a wired system works by connecting your home’s telephone or landline with the monitoring center. The wireless home security system is increasingly becoming popular due to its portability, ease of installation, and remote access to any smart home device you may have.


Here are factors To Consider When Selecting A Wireless Home Security System For Android Users

  1. Installation of Security System
  2. Security Equipment That Works Remotely
  3. Method of Monitoring
  4. Remote Viewing Functionality For Security Camera

4 Tips to Consider When Choosing a Home Security System Compatible with Android Devices

1. Method of Monitoring

When it comes to security systems, there are two methods of monitoring; DIY or professional monitoring. Most DIY security systems allow for self-monitoring. It is an affordable option, and you won’t have to pay monthly fees. The downside is you will be in charge of keeping an eye on your security system and calling the appropriate authorities should an emergency arise. On the other hand, your security company is in charge of professional monitoring, and qualified experts are constantly keeping a watch over your property. In an emergency, they quickly notify the necessary emergency service. However, professional monitoring requires a monthly payment which is not cheap. Irrespective of the monitoring method, wireless security is available for both, which means you can install a cellular security system with self-monitoring option.

2. Installation Of Security System

Before choosing any home security system, you need to consider the installation process. Is it something you can get done by yourself, or will you need the help of experts? Fortunately, most wireless security systems come pre-programmed and require no wall drilling or navigating through wires. You only need to mount the device on your wall. Just be sure you place devices like door and window sensors in the correct location so they don’t get interfered with by structures or electromagnetic fields. Here are some home security installation tips to help you out.

3. Security Equipment That Works Remotely

Security systems are composed of equipment such as security cameras, sensors, doorbell cameras, door locks, and lots more. Before selecting a security system, you need to consider if it has home automation and which security component is compatible with other smart home devices. Components like smoke detectors, doorbells, burglar alarms, indoor/outdoor security cameras, lighting, flood, and fire sensors can be controlled remotely for many modern home security systems. So depending on the kind of security package you want for your home, you can select the security equipment you will install.

4. Remote Viewing Functionality For Security Camera

Security cameras are the most crucial component in any home security system. They provide constant surveillance of your property and can now be controlled remotely with today’s technology. In addition, many security cameras now come with motion sensors, alerting you the moment someone steps in front of them. The best part is, all of these can be done with a tap on your smartphone. This is why you need to make sure the security system you’re selecting comes with a remote viewing functionality for the security camera that supports Android OS. Once it has this, install a surveillance app on your Android and link it to the security camera mobile app on your phone. So long as you have a good phone connection, you will be able to view live, configure surveillance, receive alerts, and record through your smartphone.



The key to selecting the ideal security system for Android users is the features available for its security camera. Check that you can install it easily, works with remote viewing functionality, and self-monitored with a cellular security system.