Google's Year In Search 2021: See What People Searched For The Most

Google Year In Search 2021

Google’s Year In Search 2021 report is in, and it reveals what people searched the most this year. As per usual, Google shared information for a ton of categories on a global basis, but it also released separate reports by countries.

To accompany this report, the company also released a YouTube video that is around 2 minutes long. Google-branded 2021 as a “year of healing”. This refers to the COVID-19 pandemic, for the most part. COVID-19 is also a big part of the YouTube video that the company released. We’ve embedded that video below the article.

Google’s Year In Search 2021 reveals what people searched for the most

Now, if you visit the Google Trends page, via this link, you’ll be able to see what people searched the most on Google. When it comes to news Afghanistan topped the charts, along with the COVID vaccine, Dogecoin, and some stock-related searches.


Alec Baldwin was the most sought-after actor on Google Search, which is not surprising considering the shooting incident at the set of one of his movies. Pete Davidson was also quite popular in that category.

In regards to athletes, Cristian Eriksen managed to be extremely popular, Inter Milan’s footballer, who collapsed during a match at Euro 2020. He recovered really well from the cardiac arrest that caused his collapse. Tiger Woods is also in the top 5 list, and so is Simone Biles.

PopCat was the most-searched-for game, while both FIFA 22 and Battlefield 2042 are high on that list. In regards to movies, people were immensely interested in the Eternals, Black Widow, and Dune.


Real Madrid was the most-search-for sports team, Squid Game the most popular TV show

Real Madrid was the most-searched-for sports team, while Chelsea, Paris Saint-Germain, and FC Barcelona follow it in terms of popularity. Unsurprisingly, the Squid Game took the first place in the TV Shows department, followed by Bridgerton and WandaVision.

If you’d like to check out various other lists that Google laid out, and see the top 5 searches in all of them, follow this link. You’ll also be able to see what was searched the most on a per-country basis.