Google Voice Users Can Now Set Custom Rules To Ignore Contacts

google voice custom call settings featured

A new feature is rolling out for Google Voice users. Notably, as per Android Central, this feature would give Google Voice users better controls to enhance their call forwarding experience.

With the new Google Voice feature, you would be able to set custom incoming call settings. Moreover, you can set custom call rules that would help you screen contacts.

The screening custom rule would help Google Voice understand which contacts you want to screen and which contacts you want to ignore. All this can be done via a new setting added on Google Voice.


Further, you would also be able to set different custom rules for call forwarding on your various devices. So, now you can tell Google Voice to ignore specific contacts or groups. Google Voice will automatically do the rest.

The call forwarding feature is already present in Google Voice, and this new custom rules addition gives more control to the user to customize it even further.

Not only you can screen contacts or groups, but you can also set custom rules to completely ignore a received forwarded call. You can set a rule that will send callers directly to your voicemail.


New settings can only be changed on the Google Voice website

To personalize this experience, you can also set custom voicemail greetings in your own voice for specific contacts. Do note that these new settings can be changed and accessed via the Google Voice website only.

In Google’s words, the new feature will allow users to line up their incoming calls to better manage their workflows and productivity.

On the Google Voice website, you need to navigate over to Settings > Calls. Here, you will find the “Custom call forwarding” option. Using this feature, you can create a new rule.


Then you can select the contacts for which you want to create new rules and also choose whether you wish to screen the call, redirect it to voicemail, set a custom voicemail greeting, or forward the call to a different number.

Although this feature may look like it is meant for enterprise use, it will end up being powerful for everyone. As per Google Support, the new Google Voice feature is now rolling out for everyone, and it has started rolling out today.

If you want to enjoy such granular control for call forwarding, then you can visit the Google Voice website and access the feature. As already mentioned, the feature is not accessible via the mobile app.