Google To Bring Google Play Games To Windows In 2022

Windows 11 Everything You Need To Know

Microsoft is gearing up to bring Android apps over to Windows 11. Since its announcement, we’ve known that Windows would be utilizing the apps from the Amazon app store rather than the Google Play store. However, according to Android Police, Google announced that it will be bringing Google Play games over to Windows 11.

Google says it will bring games over, specifically

We all know the issue with not having Google Play services with Android. You won’t be able to use services like Gmail, Google Calendar, YouTube, etc. This is one thing that worried most people about the Windows 11 implementation.

During the Game Awards, Google announced that it will be bringing Google Play Games over to Windows 11. This does not mean that it’s bringing over all of the Google Play services, however. The company pointed toward games only.


What this means is that you won’t be seeing this full suite of Google apps on Windows 11. Most likely, we’ll only be getting the Google Play Games app. The Google Play Games app has a selection of features and a couple of games that can actually be downloaded through it

This may hint at something great to come

It’s a bummer that Google Play services are not coming to Windows 11, and it is also weird that Google is only putting Google Play Games on Windows 11. However, this could actually be a good first step.

Google adding Play games to Windows 11 could possibly hint at other Google services being shlepped over eventually. This could be seen as the first step to getting other Google Play services on Windows 11. Other companies like Amazon and Samsung have their own app stores, but Google has the most complete Android app experience.


If people could install the full suite of Google apps on Windows 11, it may actually entice more people to get the update. Right now, the adoption rate of Windows 11 is pretty low. Being able to install Gmail or Google calendar right on your Windows computer sounds like it would be great.

There’s no telling when this will come out

Right now, we have no idea when to expect this. Google only said that this will happen sometime in the year 2022. We will, undoubtedly, get more information on this as time goes on, but right now, there’s no telling if it will arrive in early 2022 or later in the year.

Right now, people in Microsoft are beta testing the Amazon app store integration in Windows 11, so people who are waiting on that feature may not have to wait much longer.