Google & Roku Finally Act Like Adults, Settles Dispute Over YouTube TV

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Just a day before YouTube was going to be removed from Roku altogether, both Google and Roku decided to act like adults and get a deal done. So now, YouTube will remain on Roku, and YouTube TV will make its way back to the platform. This is all-around great news for Roku users. As YouTube is by far the most popular app on Roku.

A Roku spokesperson stated that the two companies have come to terms on a multi-year deal for YouTube and YouTube TV. Stating that this agreement “represents a positive development for  our shared customers, making both YouTube and YouTube TV available for all streamers on the Roku platform.”

It’s unclear if Roku bent to Google’s supposed demands or not

This entire dispute started way back in April, over Google wanting Roku to add a specific row in search for YouTube, among other things. Roku declined to make that happen, as it would favor YouTube over other apps on its platform. Google, of course denied this. Stating that it was asking for the same terms it asks for other platforms.


In these disputes, it’s always he said, she said. So we never really know what actually happened and who’s at fault.

Nevertheless, this is great news for Roku users. As they won’t be losing YouTube, and the YouTube TV app will be coming back to Roku in the very near future. It might even be back on the platform before the end of the day.

Roku has been in disputes with quite a few services as of late. Now that the YouTube and YouTube TV spat is over, we can focus on Roku potentially losing Amazon Prime Video. Though, we expect that to be less of an issue, since Prime Video is nowhere near as popular as YouTube.