New Google Pixel 3 Bug Automatically Dials 911

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A recent bug involving Microsoft Teams prevented some Google Pixel owners from dialing 911 in emergencies. We later got clarification that the issue would be fixed with the January 2022 Pixel update, along with the clarification that it’s not Microsoft Teams’ fault. Now, another issue has popped up, but this time on the Pixel 3 wherein the device dials 911 and reboots itself in a loop.

The affected user Icy-Sea7016 detailed the ordeal in a Reddit post. As Android Central indicates, the Personal Safety app could be to blame for this particular issue. This app automatically dials 911 whenever the power button is clicked five times quickly.

A faulty power button on the Pixel 3 could be causing this issue

Some say this could be due to a faulty power button on the Pixel 3. Google has reportedly asked the user to change the settings. However, since the phone is essentially stuck on a reboot loop, this is not a viable solution.


The user claims that Google also recommended letting the battery drain out and taking it to a third-party repair shop. But this could open up privacy-related concerns based on incidents of impropriety by repair outlets.

The user later issued an update on the matter, saying that the phone eventually shut down and didn’t turn back on.

“However, it was so hot and starting to give off a mechanical smell that I put it outside in the cold last night so I didn’t have to worry about an additional hazard. I haven’t tried to turn it on yet but will keep everyone updated,” the user said.


While some recommend fixing the power button manually, this could potentially worsen the condition of your device. We hope that Google has a more practical solution for this issue, even if the company doesn’t support its 2018 flagship anymore.

A quick look at the comments on the Reddit post brings up similar incidents from the past. It seems like multiple Pixel 3 users encountered a stuck power button, meaning this isn’t an isolated issue.

In recent Pixel 3 news, the phone officially went out of Google’s support umbrella in November. This means that the Pixel 3 lineup would no longer be eligible to receive any software updates from the company.