GameStop Is Holding An In-Store Event For PS5 Bundles Tomorrow

Sony PS5

The holidays are just around the corner and it’s crunch time to get a PS5. If you still haven’t gotten one, you might be in luck, because GameStop is having an in-store event tomorrow on December 17 where it will sell PS5 bundles.

There is of course a catch or two. First, since this is an in-store event, that means no buying online. Although, that might be more of a boon than a catch depending on how you look at it. You won’t have to contend with bots for the console, but you also won’t be able to buy from the convenience of your couch. Or wherever you’re sitting while trying to purchase from the GameStop website.

There’s also the possibility that your local GameStop won’t be participating. Heck, even the closest GameStop to you (if you don’t have one locally) may not be participating. Luckily, GameStop has made it easy to check.


GameStop PS5 bundles will only be available for Pro members

The other catch is that you have to be a GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro member. As has been the case many times these past couple of months, GameStop is requiring those who want to buy a PS5 on December 17 to be subscribed to GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro. It’s done this with online sales restocks as well.

It’s also not the only retailer. Walmart has routinely required a Walmart+ membership to buy during some of its online restocks. And Best Buy has done the same, requiring uses to be subscribers of its Total Tech service. So, this is just par for the course.

If you’re not subscribed to GameStop’s Pro service, you should sign up now and be ready to head down to your local GameStop. We might even suggest heading down today and waiting, as there will no doubt be lines at some locations. Though whether or not you want to waste a whole day for that is entirely up to you.


This might be your last chance to get a PS5 before Christmas though. So keep that in mind as you make your decision. GameStop doesn’t mention what bundles will be available during this event, or how many it will have in stock at each location.