Galaxy S22 Trio To Feature Glass Back, Coming In These Colors

Galaxy S22 live leak 1

Samsung may have a surprise upgrade in plans for the Galaxy S22. According to well know leaker Ice Universe, the company will equip all three models of its upcoming flagships with an all-glass body. That means the vanilla Galaxy S22 will also get a glass back panel.

The base models of Samsung’s last two conventional flagships — Galaxy S21 and Galaxy Note 20 — both came with a plastic back. While that isn’t necessarily a big problem, not least because most users are anyways going to put a protective case on the phone, the Korean giant had to face a lot of wrath about it. Fans argued that glass back is not a necessity but a premium that is expected with flagship products. And they are quite right too. Samsung has now listened to its fans and decided to equip the base model Galaxy S22 with a glass back panel, at least that’s what the rumor is.

Samsung opting for a plastic back on the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy Note 20 was reportedly a cost-cutting measure. The devices debuted at $800 and $1000 respectively. The former, in particular, was quite an aggressive pricing from the company. So does this purported upgrade to a glass back on the Galaxy S22 result in a price rise? Well, rumors suggest not. The upcoming Samsung flagships will reportedly still start at $800. That’s even more impressive when you consider all other upgrades the new phones will bring to that table. Hopefully, there will not be any unexpected letdown.


The Galaxy S22 series will come in a plethora of colors

A mountain of leaks over the past few months has left little to the imagination about the Galaxy S22 series. However, new bits of information keep popping up now and then. Along with this rumor that all three models will feature a glass back, we now also have some information regarding the color variants of the upcoming Samsung flagships.

According to Dutch publication Galaxy Club, the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+ will come in white, black, green, rose gold, blue, gray, and beige color variants. The latter will also get an exclusive purple color job. The Galaxy S22 Ultra, meanwhile, will arrive in black, white, green, and dark red colors.

Note that the availability of these color variants will vary by market. Samsung may even sell some of the color variants of the Galaxy S22 trio exclusively through its online store. The company has done so in the past as well, including the Galaxy S21 series and the Galaxy Z Flip 3 this year. We expect to hear more about the upcoming Galaxy flagships in the build-up to their launch.