Fortnite Introduces "Party Worlds" For Players To Make Friends

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Fortnite doesn’t only want you to dominate other players; it also wants you to make friends with them. The popular multiplayer game came out and announced “Party Worlds” the social hubs for Fortnite players to come together and make friends. Also, if you’re interested in making your own, the company will also let you do so.

Party Worlds are like Fortnite Hubs, but not quite

The main thinking behind Party Worlds is that players will be able to come along and socialize with other players. Right now, Fortnite can be a fairly social game, but this takes it up a notch. These are maps that take the form of cool and fun locations for people to hang out in. Not only that but there are mini-games to play.

So far, Fortnite has introduced two Party Worlds with more coming later. The company partnered with fivewalnut to create Walnut World. This is a large amusement park map. Fortnite also partnered with TreyJTH to create the Late-Night Lounge.


While Party Worlds seem similar to Hubs, these Fortnite maps play a different role. While Hubs are places where people can meet without shooting each other, they serve as a place to showcase new content. Party Worlds are built around socialization.

People can create their own Party Worlds

If you’re a misguided Fortnite map maker who dreams of making a map where people aren’t always shooting each other, here’s your chance. Fortnite is letting people build and submit their own Party Worlds for people to use.

The company gave some guidelines you should follow. Fortnite says that the Party Worlds shouldn’t be “threatening”, so they shouldn’t center around combat or damage. The Party Worlds should have a high focus on self-expression via emotes, sprays, and outfits changes. Lastly, the company says that the worlds need to encourage social interaction.


Along with those rules, the company added the typical rules on a separate page. These rules include rules like no hate speech, no sexual content, no bullying, no selling or trading, etc. This should definitely inspire people to come forth and create their own Party Worlds.

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