Fortnite's Holiday 2021 Event Includes All Sorts Of Goodies

Fortnite Winterfest 2021

Fortnite is having a holiday 2021 event called Winterfest, and it starts today! The return of Winterfest for this year brings in some nifty goodies for players. From new skins to a big selection of player accessories. Such as new boards and gliders.

You gotta drop into the match in style right? Perhaps the biggest reward that comes from this event though are the outfits. Mainly the new Spider-Man No Way Home outfit that carries the likeness of Spider-Man from the film. So your character will basically look like Tom Holland.

Additionally, Epic has also added two more festive outfits for the Fortnite Holiday 2021 event. Krisabelle, a Christmassy take on Isabelle, and the Polar Peely. Which is a blue, icy version of the Banana outfit.


The Fortnite Holiday 2021 event goes until January 6

Fortnite Holiday 2021 Event

With the event having started this morning, you can jump right in and experience it right away. The event continues until the morning of January 6, too. So it’s going on for about 20 days before it goes away. Which means you’ll have plenty of time to try and wrangle all the rewards. Not to mention play through the content over the Winter break and the holidays.

As part of Winterfest 2021, the Winterfest Lodge is open again. Players can go here in the game to open a free gift every day for 14 days. At the very least, you may want to login just to claim those rewards. Even if you don’t have time to play any actual matches.


When you do have time to play, you can focus your time on the Winterfest quests. Completing these will give you the chance to get two different boards, the Ice King board and the Llamadelica board. There’s also the Golden Look board glider, though you’ll need to be subscribed to the Fortnite Crew to claim this. The nice thing is that if you are subscribed, you won’t have to do anything other than login.

On top of all this, Epic is unvaulting a collection of Icy items like the Chiller Grenades, Snowball Launchers, the Sneaky Snowman and more. Check out the Winterfest 2021 below for more details.