Big Brother: The Game Is Starting Season 2 With Real Prize Money

Big brother the game poster

There are a ton of apps out there that promise you real money, but not many actually deliver on that promise. Big Brother: The Game, however, is one of the few with real cash prizes. The game is going to begin its next tournament (BBTG II) and, right now, it’s accepting applications to be onboard.

Big Brother: The Game takes inspiration from the TV show

Big Brother: The Game is based on the popular reality TV series of the same name. In the TV series, a group of contestants (referred to as “House Guests”) are kept in a house away from the rest of society. They’re all stuck together and need to interact with the other guests.

As the competition goes on, contestants are voted off gradually until there’s only one person left. That person will then get a large sum of money. The English version of the show has been going since the year 2000.


BBTG II will follow the same format but on mobile/PC

Being isolated in a house with no means of communication seems like it’ll be hard to replicate on a mobile device or computer, but the people at 9th Impact found a way to do this. Just like in the TV show, the contestants will need to interact with other people in order to stay relevant and not get voted off.

According to Dr. Finn Krewer, head of development at 9th Impact, contestants will face competitions, chores, evictions, and nominations in order to stay in the game. Also, they will “have to navigate all the same complex social relationships and intrigue that make the TV show so compelling.”

Basically, this is a very high-stakes popularity contest where you need to appeal to other people in order to stay in the running. Last year, a contestant won $33,000 playing in the contest. Contestants on TV have won more money; however, $33,000 is nothing to sneeze at.


Right now, the company is accepting applications

The first contest took place last year, and now it’s entering its second season. If you want to apply, all you need to do is download and install the app. The app will guide you through creating your character.

Since this is such a massive multiplayer online event, you will be competing against a lot of other people. The first winner had to beat out 33,724 other people to get her prize. The game is free to download and play and it’s also available for Android, iOS, and PC.