Android 12 Is Once Again Rolling Out To The OnePlus 9 & 9 Pro

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Android 12 is once again rolling out to the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro. As most of you know, OnePlus started rolling out Android 12 with OxygenOS 12 to its two flagships quite recently, but it stopped the rollout soon after.

Android 12 rolling out to the OnePlus 9 & 9 Pro once again

Why? Well, it seems like there were quite a few bugs that got through the cracks. OnePlus decided to halt the update until they’re fixed. It didn’t take long for OnePlus to get a handle on things, and the rollout now continued.

We’re not sure if everything was fixed, but OnePlus seems to be confident about the update, so much so that it’s continuing the rollout. This update is rolling out in stages, of course, so it may not arrive to your phone straight away.


It may take several days, or a week for it to arrive. Those of you who received the original Android 12 update will get a new one, with all the fixes included. It will arrive OTA (Over-The-Air), of course.

You can always manually install it, if you can get ahold of the files. The full OTA files haven’t surfaced yet for either phone, but files for an incremental update from C.36 version are available via XDA Developers.

OnePlus patched up quite a few things in this update

Just to be clear, this is the C.39 version. According to OnePlus’ official changelog, some changes were made to the System, Camera, and Network.


In regards to the system, the company improved the smoothness of fingerprint unlocking. On top of that, the system power consumption has been tweaked, while the issue of screen tearing upon return to the home screen has been fixed. This has been happening when users were leaving some games.

The notification bar has been showing up black for some users, that shouldn’t happen now either. The startup speed of applications has been improved, while the image effect of the rear camera has also been tweaked.

The two phones failed to connect to the mobile data in certain scenarios, but that shouldn’t happen now either. On top of that, the Android security patch has been updated to December 2021.


On top of that, we’re presuming that a ton of smaller bugs have been fixed as part of this update.