AH Reader's Choice Awards 2021: Best Smartwatch – Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

AH Readers Choice Awards Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung wins the hearts of readers yet again with its best-in-class smartwatch

Samsung takes the win with its Galaxy Watch 4 for both the best smartwatch from Android Headlines and it was the Reader’s Choice Awards pick. But, that is hardly surprising, given the competition out there for 2021. While there were a number of other options released this year, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 offers the most bang for your buck, making it a shoe-in for the Reader’s Choice Award.

Not only did we think it was the best smartwatch option, our readers appear to agree. The Galaxy Watch 4 got over 83% of the votes. And although we didn’t list every 2021 smartwatch release (we also couldn’t given the number of options Twitter polls allow), we feel we picked the best available options. And of those, the Galaxy Watch 4 seems to have captivated readers the most.

Samsung knocked it out of the park with the Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung may not have had much competition this year, but even if there were plenty of other really good smartwatches released in 2021, the Galaxy Watch 4 would have probably still won the award.


It’s the only watch to come out this year which comes with Wear OS 3. Which in and of itself gives the Galaxy Watch 4 a big advantage over any other options. But it also takes what Samsung’s been good at with smartwatches for the past few years and refines them.

While keeping some of the best features of past devices. The rotating bezel for instance, makes a return and remains the best way to navigate a smartwatch. The Galaxy Watch 4 is also customizable with loads of different strap options, as well as a big variety of watch faces.

It still lacks at least one major feature that users were hoping to have out of the box. And that’s Google Assistant. But it does have Google Pay now, as well as fully functional Google Maps and a wealth of other features. Including ECG support, heart rate sensing, a blood oxygen saturation sensing, Spotify integration and more.


With prices starting at $349 for the Classic model (though you can routinely find it for less as it’s on sale often), it’s hard to pass up a great smartwatch like this. Even more so when Samsung’s latest is the only watch that comes with the new Wear OS 3 software.

Aside from all that, the Galaxy Watch 4 functions nearly flawlessly. So while it’s packed with awesome features and that’s great, it works well. All while looking good thanks to its stylish design. While we based our pick on the Classic model of the watch, the regular model is still a great pick.

It forgoes the rotating bezel but it has everything else. Plus, it comes in at a less expensive price. Which is likely to be the more important factor for some consumers. All of these reasons are no doubt why our readers picked the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 as the best smartwatch of 2021 for the AH Reader’s Choice Awards. A rightful win all around.