AH Awards: Best App Of 2021 – Spark

AH Spark app award badge 1

There are a ton of great apps for Android out there. We’ve seen quite a few new apps this year, but we’ve decided to crown one that wasn’t released in 2021. The app that left the greatest impression on us is… Spark. That is why we chose to award Spark by naming it the best app of 2021. Spark is an email app by Readdle, and it’s great, to say the least. This app is the closest thing you’ll come to Inbox, a service that Google decided to retire a while back.

Spark does a great job of filtering your email, and categorizing it in just the right way. It’s quite smart, so to speak. On top of that, it looks great, and it works really well too. That’s not all, though, as Readdle managed to include a ton of features inside the app, to help you be as productive as possible. You even have some theming options here, you can customize this app to a degree.

It has all the essentials and then some

Spark allows you to use multiple accounts. You can use your Gmail accounts, but also accounts from other services. Yahoo is supported, and the same goes for Outlook, iCloud, Hotmail, MSN, AOL, and much more.


You can set up swipe gestures, to mark your emails read, delete them, archive them, or whatever else you want. There are even short and long swipes available, so there’s plenty of customizability.

Smart email search will make sure that you’re always able to find what you’re looking for, and you can even pin specific, important emails. It has the undo send mail feature, and you can even schedule emails to be sent at a specific time.

If you prefer to use dark mode over light mode, that’s not a problem for this application. You can even theme the app a bit, to make it stand out.


It’s great for business use as well

If you’re running a business, and need to use an HTML signature for your emails… no problem. Spark allows you to set up full-fledged HTML signatures, unlike Gmail. Just to be clear, you can use HTML signatures on Gmail’s desktop client, but not in the Android app. So if you’re sending your business emails via the Gmail app, you’re out of luck. You can use an HTML signature from the Spark app without a problem.

Spark also allows you to print emails, as you can save them as a PDF file, which is a rare feature when it comes to email apps. If you need some email templates for you and your coworkers? Well, that’s not a problem for Spark either, as you can pre-write an email, include placeholders for names or numbers, and use it whenever you feel like it.

Creating links to specific emails is possible, as is creating emails together with your coworkers. You can even create shared inboxes within a team.


The bottom line is, it’s a great app worth trying out

As you can see, there’s plenty to like when it comes to Spark, and we’ve only scratched the surface here. This app is packed with options, for both private and business use. If you’re missing some features in your current email app, give Spark a try, it offers a lot, and it has a desktop client as well, which is equally useful.

Download Spark Mail (Play Store)