8 Apps To Help You Live Your Best Life

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We live in a smarter world than the one our parents did because of one reason — smartphones. The computer in your pocket has made life comfortable and fun in many ways. It can find you a date, call you a taxi, and get your food delivered to your door. It can even help you manage your entertainment.

There are so many more things you can do with an app, though. From travel and medication to sleep and exercise, you can use apps to make even the most complicated tasks easy. Read on to discover some truly amazing apps that can help you live your best life in ways you never considered:

1. Skiplagged

There are hundreds of travel apps out there to help you plan your next trip. They can help you create your travel itinerary, book flights, and find you a great hotel. But Skiplagged is different. It specializes in searching a little-known area of bookings called Hidden City flights.


These are flights that can be booked at a much lower price than normal. That’s because they occur as layovers to other destinations. The process is undoubtedly complicated, but Skiplagged knows how to simplify it. The app sifts through all the possible combinations swiftly to find you the cheapest flights possible. It is a simple and straightforward way of flying on the cheap.

2. Nurx

If you need help with skin care, you don’t have to visit the dermatologist in person anymore. You can now get acne treatment online conveniently using an app.

Nurx offers a scientifically backed acne treatment you can order from the comfort of your own home. Download the Nurx app, then share your acne history and a few photos. If appropriate, you’ll get a personalized treatment plan based on the analysis of your condition by a medical provider. Nurx will deliver the acne medication right to your door, no office visit necessary. The app also is a prescriber of birth control, migraine treatment, and more.


3. Spotted By Locals

Spotted by Locals is an interesting and unique travel app that does exactly what its name says. The travel app recommends places to visit within your desired destination. The difference? The suggestions are based on curations from the local populace.

The app is a great way to go beyond the beaten path and explore the area like a native. You can also access the app’s travel guides offline to ensure a continuous flow of updated information.

4. SleepBot

Are you sure you are getting the right amount of quality sleep that your body needs? SleepBot is a sleep cycle tracker plus a smart alarm. It uses motion and soundtracking software to do an in-depth sleep cycle analysis.


SleepBot considers average sleep time, long-term trends, your sleep debt, and more. It then compiles a report based on the data to help you get the rest you need.

5. Any.do

Any.do is a slick mobile app that allows you to add tasks and organize them into lists. You can also add deadlines. The unique selling proposition of this app is its daily “Plan my Day” feature. It forces you to give a timeline to tasks so you will remember to complete them on schedule.

As Any.do integrates with Outlook and Google, you can see all your tasks in one place. This app is what you need if you are the type of person who creates a list and forgets it exists.


6. Asana Rebel

Are you a lazy mover when it comes to fitness? Here is a gentle way to get into shape without gulping down protein shakes and tonics.

Asana Rebel can help you get fit, as millions of people across the world have discovered. The yoga-inspired fitness app shows how to improve balance and flexibility while reaching your ideal body weight. Asana Rebel offers over 100 personalized workouts. Leading yogis and fitness professionals created them to help you achieve your fitness goals and improve overall health.


If you love networking and making friends, UNBLND is just right for you. This social network app brings strangers with common interests and hobbies together and connects them. You can connect with real people and become friends.


What makes UNBLIND stand apart? You are completely anonymous on this platform, as it does not display a visible photograph of you. Friendships are established based on common preferences and areas of interest. There are no fancy pictures and images. What matters is your genuine self.

8. Calm

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t crave calm and peace? You don’t have to go to the mountains or the woods searching for tranquility to find either. The Calm app helps you experience it wherever you are.

Calm offers different types of mediation and relaxation in bite-sized sessions ranging from a few minutes to an hour. You can experience calm and peace through ambient sounds and nature scenes. There are free meditation sessions that you can complete during short breaks to get immediate relief from stress. You can also use these sessions for a relaxed and peaceful night’s sleep.


It is possible to make life easier and enjoyable. The solutions to some of the pressing problems of life are sitting there right on your smartphone. Life can be fun when you choose the right apps to manage various aspects of your daily routine. They can automate and optimize some of the most mundane processes. Use these cool apps to kick out the hard stuff and enjoy life to the fullest.