YouTube App For Android TV Gets A New Playlist UI

youtube android app tv playlist ui

In a recent development, YouTube is giving a small UI tweak to its Android TV app. This notably changes the way the YouTube Android TV/Google TV app handles playlists.

According to a new report by 9To5Google (via XDA Developers), previously, when you played a playlist on the YouTube Android app, it would start playing all videos on the playlist.

However, now with the latest update, this behavior is finally changing. The new YouTube Android TV app UI handles the playlist better. This new interface displays the name of the playlist along with a list of videos in it.


It also shows Play all, Loop, and Save to Library buttons on the left side, giving more flexibility to the user on what they want to do with the playlist. Videos will appear on the left side of these buttons.

Hitting the Play all button, as the name suggests, will play all videos in the playlist in sequence or click on any particular video a user wishes to play.

The new YouTube Android TV/Google TV playlist UI is also rolling out for other TV brands, such as Samsung TV. For Samsung TV users, the feature is arriving with YouTube Android app version 2.1.498.


The new playlist UI is rolling out to Android TV and Google TV devices app version 2.15.498

As per reports, the new playlist UI is rolling out for YouTube Android TV/Google TV app version 2.15.498. So, if you don’t see this new change in the playlist UI, then you may want to check Google Play Store.

If a new latest app version is available, then you can update the YouTube app and enjoy the new feature. Folks at 9To5Google note that this is a server-side update, and if this is true, then there isn’t anything that you can do.

So, if the feature isn’t live for you, then you probably need to wait for your device’s turn to receive the new feature. Google is adding multiple new features to Google TV.


It brought a new interface that runs on top of Android TV. Moreover, the new interface also adds multi-user support to Android TV, allowing users to create different profiles for different members of the family.

Google has also added new glanceable cards in ambient mode along with other features. Recently, it also added a virtual remote control to the Google Home app for controlling Google TV. This allows you to control your TV right from your Android device.