You Can Stream Your Stadia Gameplay On YouTube In 4K

Stadia 1

Despite the initial pushback, companies like Microsoft and Google are pushing forward with their cloud gaming ambitions. Last year, Google introduced the ability to live stream Stadia gameplay straight to YouTube. Now, based on a Tweet, we now know that viewers can enjoy their favorite Stadia streamers in crisp 4K.

Streaming with Stadia is capped at 4K 60fps

Previously, streaming with Stadia was capped at 1080p and 60fps. This was back when streaming on the platform was first introduced. However, in a Twitter conversation, we got word of the update. One user commented that they were able to get up to a resolution of 1440p.

Another user then replied with their own screenshot which showed a max resolution of 2160p at 60fps. This should be a nice feature for both people who like to stream in 4K and people who like to watch 4K. You should know that the resolution still depends on the game. If a game only supports 1080p, then you won’t be able to bump the resolution higher.


Don’t know what Stadia is? Here’s a rundown

Stadia is Google’s take on cloud gaming. Typically, your game is processed and rendered on a physical device like a phone, computer, or console. The thinking behind cloud gaming is that the game is rendered on the company’s servers (which are much more powerful) and simply streamed to your device.

Google released Stadia back in 2019, and it follows the same principle. Your games are rendered on Google’s massive servers and streamed to a myriad of different devices. These devices can include your phone, computer (including Chromebooks), and TV using Chromecast just to name a few examples.

Why Stadia and cloud gaming are useful

Anyone who games on PC will know the struggle of aging hardware. Having to upgrade parts all the time is always a pain. Since all of the heavy lifting is being done on the servers, your computer won’t need to stay up to date with the latest CPUs and GPUs.


Don’t you hate opening your game to find gigabytes worth of updates that need to be installed before you can play? One of the main benefits of cloud gaming is that you won’t need to worry about any updates. They are all installed on the servers.

If you want to play your games on different devices, you won’t need to have that game installed on each device. Since the game and your progress are all saved on the cloud, all you’ll have to do is sign in and you’ll be able to access everything.

If you’re interested in joining Stadia, you’ll need a Stadia controller, which costs $69 straight from Google. Also, you’ll need to subscribe for $9.99/month.