If You Have An Xbox Console, Cloud Gaming Is Coming Your Way

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Xbox cloud gaming through Game Pass Ultimate is finally coming to a console near you. After having spent more than a year in a closed beta for mobile users, Microsoft began rolling the cloud gaming beta out to all users on mobile. Followed by an open beta for PC users, and then finally a full launch earlier this year.

Today, the company has announced that if you own an Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One console, cloud gaming will be headed to you soon. Officially the rollout starts today. However, it’s happening in stages and won’t be at scale for all users until a few weeks later. If you’re lucky, you already have access, as long as you subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Xbox cloud gaming for console starts with 25 regions

Right off the jump, Microsoft is making the cloud gaming available in 25 regions. So there’s a solid chance your region is included and may see the feature go live today or sometime within the initial rollout. A few of the 25 regions getting the feature include the US, Canada, Mexico, the UK, Australia, and numerous countries in Europe as well as a handful in Southeast Asia.


A link to the full list can be found in Microsoft’s announcement. Which actually shows 26 regions marked off. Though the announcement though does state 25 regions.

Microsoft also says Brazil, which isn’t on the list, will be getting the feature soon. It doesn’t confirm an exact date. But it wouldn’t be surprising to see it go live before the end of the year.

Next Gen games for Xbox One? You bet

Look, there’s no point in beating around the bush. It’s still insanely difficult to get a hold of an Xbox Series X|S console. Even now, one year later. So for Xbox One owners, the arrival of cloud gaming through Game Pass Ultimate is a HUGE benefit.


This gives players the opportunity to play some of the new games coming out for Microsoft’s latest console. And because they’re streaming on Microsoft’s server blades, nothing has to be installed and you get the full experience as if you were playing it on a Series X|S.