The Xbox 20th Anniversary Wireless Controller Is Down To $49!

Xbox 20th Anniversary Controller Deal

The Xbox 20th Anniversary Wireless Controller went on sale officially on November 15, and right now there appears to be a deal on it at Walmart. Normally it costs $69, like any other wireless Xbox controller. But Walmart has this model up for just $49 for Black Friday, so this deal saves you $20 off the price tag.

There is one caveat however. While the deal still seems to be available, it isn’t shipping from Walmart’s website. You have to check to see if there is local availability at Walmart retail locations near you. And if there is then you should be able to get this price.

The good news is that Walmart has other Xbox Wireless Controller options for the same $49 price. So, if you wanted a different design or color, you can order those. Plus, Walmart has loads of other Black Friday deals going on right now. On all kinds of tech products and not just those that revolve around video games.


The 20th Anniversary Xbox Wireless Controller works with Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and even mobile devices. So you can easily connect it to just about anything and use it for playing games. Which, we might add, is super useful if you have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate because you can play games over the cloud on a smartphone or tablet.

This controller also has the textured back hand grips, and the new share button for easily grabbing screenshots of your gameplay. In addition to all that, it has the iconic translucent design that debuted alongside the original Xbox. Which itself came in a translucent model. So Microsoft is calling back to that design with this controller.

While it is wireless, it runs on two AA batteries. So unlike other controllers which generally have rechargeable batteries, this one you just need to swap them out from time to time.


Xbox 20th Anniversary Wireless Controller - Walmart