Grab This Limited Edition Xbox Controller Before It Goes Out Of Stock

Xbox 20th Anniversary Controller Deal

Earlier this year Microsoft announced the 20th Anniversary edition of its Xbox Wireless controller, and Best Buy currently has it for sale. To be clear, this controller isn’t on sale for a cheaper price. It’s just simply available to buy. This is a new controller that Microsoft may or may not have plenty of stock of in the months to come.

So, you may want to grab it as soon as you can if you’re a fan of the platform. As other 20th Anniversary stuff has been a little hard to get. Especially now that we’re heading into the holidays.

This special edition controller functions the same as the model that comes with the Xbox Series X|S consoles. With the all-new share button and textured grip on the back. But on the outside, it has a translucent design so you can see the innerworkings of the controller and the components used to build it.


Which mimics the design of a special version of the original Xbox that launched with a similar translucent look. As the function of this controller is exactly the same as the other new wireless Xbox controllers, this is definitely more likely to be popular with huge Xbox fans.

And if that’s you, then this should make a nice addition to your collection. As with every other Xbox Wireless Controller, these are compatible with Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and mobile devices. So you can easily take it with you for gaming on the go. Whether that’s gaming through a laptop, in mobile games, or in cloud gaming via the Xbox Game Pass app. And of course at home via a desktop gaming PC and on consoles.

Since this isn’t on sale, it’s still available at the standard price of $69.99. But the point is that it’s now available to buy. And every major Xbox fan should have one.


Xbox 20th Anniversary Wireless Controller - Best Buy