Verizon Will Sell You A PS5 If You Have Its Wireless Service

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According to a new report, Verizon is going to sell customers a PS5 console. Which is, to say the least, probably one of the most unexpected developments in where you can buy a PS5. Since the console’s launch last Fall, the PS5 has remained extremely difficult to get a hold of.

In part because Sony already warned customers prior to its November 2020 release date that it would have low-stock to begin with. Thanks to the chip shortage. But a larger part of the challenge in getting one is that customers aren’t just vying for acquisition with other honest customers. They’re also battling it out against people using bot programs.

For those who still don’t have one, perhaps you’ll have better luck with Verizon, as the carrier wants to sell you a PS5. There are some caveats though.


Verizon won’t sell PS5 consoles to non-subscribers

Naturally, Verizon is trying to capitalize on a high demand product here. It’s not simply trying to offer customers an alternative method of getting a hold of what is arguably one of the hottest consoles to ever release.

It has ulterior motives. That motive being that you need to be a Verizon Wireless customer if you want the chance to buy one. Verizon says it will only sell the console to those who subscribe to its wireless service. If you’re not a Verizon customer and still don’t have a PS5, perhaps this will sway you to consider switching.

But if you are already a customer, then this potentially gives you an opportunity to get around at least some of the bots.


Sales will be limited to online and some pilot stores

If you think you can just waltz into a Verizon store and buy the console, you’re mistaken. While you need to be a Verizon customer, additionally you’ll need to have a postpaid account in good standing. And the consoles will only be at some pilot stores. Which means they won’t be in every retail location.

You might have better luck online. But you’ll still need a postpaid account that’s current. So if you have any late bills to pay, you know what to do. On top of all that, Verizon hasn’t said yet when it will have the consoles up for sale.

They will be normal price though. Which is $499 for the Disc Edition and $399 for the Digital Edition.