Verizon Introduced Hands-Free Calling With Alexa

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Digital assistants are ushering themselves into more corners of our daily lives, and a new feature coming to Verizon customers is evidence of that. The company just introduced Number Share – Home. This feature will let you make and receive calls hands-free using Amazon Alexa.

Number Share – Home will let you use your smart speaker

This new feature “reinvents what it means to have a home phone,” as Verizon puts it. If you’re using a smart speaker or another Alexa-enabled device, you will have the ability to answer calls using a simple Alexa command- Just say “Alexa, Answer.”

You won’t only be able to take calls, but you’ll also be able to make them. Simply summon Alexa and tell her who you want to call. You can either do it by name or say the phone number you want to call.


What’s really neat about this feature is that the call isn’t being made through your phone. This means that you can make and take calls while your phone is either away or powered off. The call will most likely be handled by your WiFi or data connection.

You also have the ability to call 911 and other emergency numbers should a dire situation arise. The only issue with that is that people might not want to have verbal feedback when calling the emergency services. The best thing to do is to have settings in place that will keep Alexa quiet.

If you take a call using Number Share – Home, it will be made through your Alexa-enabled speaker. If you want to move the call over to your phone, you can do that at any time, but that’s only if you have a Verizon distributed Android phone.


This feature is great, but it’s not free

If you want to use this feature, then you can add it to your Verizon plan at any time. You just need to know that you will be paying an extra fee every month. While this might ward some people off, you’ll only be paying an additional $5 per month.

If you purchase an Alexa-powered device through Verizon between November 16th and December 31th, you may be eligible to get the feature free for up to three months.

In Other Alexa News: Amazon introduces “Play something on Netflix” feature for Alexa

This is for people who are tired of searching up content on Netflix. Now, if you have an Alexa-powered smart TV or dongle, you will be able to say “Play something on Netflix.” Alexa will then find you some random content on Netflix.


As the company describes it, Alexa will find you content that you didn’t know you loved. The feature is out now, so you can try it today.