Unverified App Links On Android 12 Will Always Open In The Browser 

AH Android 12

Android 12 brings a ton of new features to the fore, including a handful of security additions. Google recently demonstrated some of the new improvements on Android 12 that may have flown under the radar. The company talked about how Android 12 handles app links at the Android Dev Summit recently.

For the uninitiated, app links are links/URLs that can open the desired content on supported apps. Google said that starting with Android 12, the system will open non-verified links on the default browser rather than showing you an app selection dialogue (via).

Links for verified apps or the ones approved by the users will continue to open automatically on the app. The new addition only applies to applications that the system cannot recognize.


The change was first spotted on Android 12 Dev Preview 3 back in April

Consequently, this keeps users from accidentally opening unverified links via apps. This is clearly not a major change, though it bolsters the security credentials of Android 12. Google provides further information on verified links on its page here.

This minor change first made its way to Android 12 with Developer Preview 3 several months ago. Meanwhile, the stable version of the new OS is currently rolling out to the Pixel phones. Other flagship offerings shouldn’t be far away from getting the new update.

Speaking of which, Samsung could be the first to roll out Android 12 among third-party OEMs. The company is also bringing One UI 4 with Android 12, so there are some exclusive features onboard as well. The Galaxy S21 should be the first in line to get the update sometime before the end of the year. However, other devices may have to wait until at least early 2022.


Last week, Samsung detailed the new features coming with its Android 12 + One UI 4 update. Although there’s a lot we still don’t know, it’s good to see what’s in store with the new update.

Owners of Galaxy devices can expect rounded corners for widgets, dynamic theming, and the all-new new emoji pairs. Samsung also talked about interoperability between multiple One UI devices, including the Galaxy Book. We also got a sneak preview of the company’s One UI Book 4, its skin for Windows 11 laptops.