Twitter Finally Bringing ‘Tips’ to Android Users

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Twitter is bringing its tipping feature to Android. It was previously limited to iOS users over the age of 18. This feature allows users to tip tweet authors without leaving the app.

“Tips” can be sent to a user on Twitter via the Cash app, Bandcamp, PayPal, Patreon, and Venmo. Of course, all of this activity happens inside the Twitter app. Users can activate tipping on their profile by heading over to Edit Profile and tapping Tips (via).

The Tips feature made its official debut in May, while it was sent to iOS users a couple of months ago. A form of tipping exists inside Twitter Spaces, allowing creators to charge users for “tickets” to watch live content. Separately, Twitter has also revealed “super follows” for some creators, which is a subscription service for individual accounts.


Twitter also allows tipping creators via Bitcoin

Twitter started accepting Bitcoin as a mode of payment to tip creators a couple of months ago. The social media company uses the Bitcoin wallet app Strike, which runs on the Lightning Network to keep the fees low without compromising on speed.

In recent news, Twitter started rolling out an update to fix a bug that caused tweets to randomly disappear from the timeline. The company then disabled automatic refreshing of the timeline. This ensures that tweets don’t randomly disappear while the user is still reading them. The update will arrive on the web first, but mobile devices, including Android, should follow suit.

One of the company’s boldest attempts at monetization came with the launch of Twitter Blue. This $2.99/month service brings ad-free news, a tweet undo button, and a timer of up to 30 seconds to fix typos or other errors in the tweet after sending it.


Additionally, Twitter Blue also brings ad-free access to news articles from leading publications including The Washington Post, L.A. Times, USA TODAY, The Atlantic, Reuters, The Daily Beast, Rolling Stone, and hundreds more. Twitter said that more publications will join the list over the coming months. Eligible articles will contain an “Ad-free with Twitter Blue” label below the headline.

Subscribers of Twitter Blue can also customize the app’s navigation bar with the ability to add up to six buttons. Available buttons include Home, Messages, Spaces, Top Articles, Notifications, Profile, Bookmarks, Search, and others.